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Author Topic: Google Updates Android,Ios&desktop Maps with Areas of Interest and Cleaner Look  (Read 253 times)

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Google Maps definitely gets special attention from Google when it comes to the introduction of new features and tools. Today, the Mountain View-based company has announced that it has started updating its Android and iOS app as well as the desktop version with new goodies.
Google has introduced some visual changes to the Google Maps that result in a cleaner look, for the main purpose of highlighting necessary information on the map without risking overcrowding the application.

It's important to note that Google Maps no longer has elements that the company deemed nonessential, like road outlines. This translates to a cleaner look for the application overall so that users can spot helpful information like traffic and transit data. Google has also informed us that it has improved the typography of street names, points of interest, and transit stations. The main motivation behind these visual modifications is making the navigation inside the app easier for users.

Google Maps comes with a more subtle color scheme
Google Maps has also welcomed a new feature called Areas of interest, which represents places where lots of activities are organized. The feature is easily found inside the application, as users simply need to launch it and search for an orange-shaded zone on the map around their location. They will need to zoom in on the area so that Google Maps can display more details on each venue. A tap on an area displays even more details.

Google has mentioned that it uses an algorithm that allows the app to highlight the areas with the most restaurants, bars, and shops. When it comes to large cities like New York, such areas are determined manually.

What’s more, the app has received some changes in the color scheme so that users can better differentiate between various places like hospitals, schools or even parks and highways. The company mentions that Google Maps shows users more than 100 million distinct places from all over the world.

Yesterday, we reported that Google intended to roll out mass transit delays and Wi-Fi only features to Google Maps version 9.32.1.



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