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Author Topic: How To Check A Laptop Battery life and Depreciation level  (Read 505 times)

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How To Check A Laptop Battery life and Depreciation level
« on: July 22, 2016, 01:33:42 AM »

As a laptop owner, knowing how to care for your battery is one of the ways to avoid dashing out your hard earn money to battery vendors or repair technicians.

But aside having the knowledge of battery care, your ability to monitor the health of your laptop battery would go a long way in helping you to maintain your battery life and boost its efficiency.

There are a lot of third-party applications in the market that claim to help you monitor your laptop battery but the truth is that they can’t do the job like the way the in-built command of your Operating System will do it.

For this reason, I will advise you to use the right resource for the right job, and allow your third-party battery monitoring applications to rest for now.
How Do I Check My Laptop Battery Health?
• On your windows desktop, Right Click on the Start Button and choose Command Prompt from the list of available options. N.B= Do not select the command prompt with Admin
• After launching the command prompt, type the following code into the available writing space: powercfg /batteryreport
• Press Enter to run the code.
The code would create a webpage in your root directory; and to get to the location, do the following
• Open My Computer
• Click on Local Disk (Csmiley
• Click on a folder named Users
• Click on your username
After clicking that, a webpage named battery-report should be staring at you and what you want to do now is to click on it.
Clicking on it would open the file in your browser and a full report on your battery health condition would show up.
Explanation of Battery Health Report
The most important information you needed is under the Installed Battery Section and these are things you will see in the section:

NAME:[b/] This gives the name of the battery

MANUFACTURER: This tells the name of the battery manufacturer

SERIES NUMBER: This is product or batch number

CHEMISTRY: This means the kind of technology or element used in making the battery. Most Batteries are Lithium Ion (Li-I) Technology.

DESIGN CAPACITY: This is one of the most important information you want to know about your battery. Design Capacity means the total amount of energy the battery can store as design by the manufacturer.

FULL CHARGE CAPACITY: This shows the maximum capacity of energy the battery can hold at the current level of usage when fully charged to 100%.

CYCLE COUNT: This refers to the number of times your battery has completed a cycle in term of being full charged to 100%, then discharge to a critical percentage below 10% and then charge again to 100%.

Knowing the Level of Health of Laptop Battery
By calculating the difference between design capacity and full charge capacity, you would know the level of depreciation your battery has gone through and you can then make some informed decision by follow tips on how to care for your battery.
• If the difference between the two capacities in your battery is very close or the same, then you should be happy. It means your battery health is good.
• If the full charge capacity is 50% below the design capacity, it means the health is fair
• If full charge capacity is far below design capacity, it means you should be worried because your battery health is bad.
The information gotten in this report would help you monitor your battery health and It is recommended to run this report command once in a month so as to better understand your battery performance and optimize it.



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