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Author Topic: 10 Things You Must Know Before Creating A Blog  (Read 2742 times)

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10 Things You Must Know Before Creating A Blog
« on: July 22, 2016, 12:44:05 AM »

Many People Dream of Having a blog Most especially The youth.There are some Thing you Must know before Creating A Blog.For a Successful Blogger,These are the things You need to know:
1.You Must Have Full interest.

when you suff the Internet,There Are some Blog That are no More functioning Due to Lack of Interest when It Was been Created.If you Want to Make your Blog A sources of income,you Really need to Pay full Attention.
2.You must be a good writter.

Your writing Skill is Very important in Blogging.If you Hate writing Articles,You will Definetely Have some problem with your blog Because COPY AND PASTE no longer work again if Truely You Want to earn Income with your Blog.Like the One You are Reading Presently,It took some time and Research to Come up with this helpful Article.So i advise you to Gain some Interest in writing.
3.You need Active social media accounts.

No Blogger Can do without Social media account Because that is where you Publize your post.some important social media account you can have include Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Linkedin,google+ and many more.You need to have Those social media account so that you can easily share your post you Publish and earn you much Traffic.
4.Personal email account.

Having a personal gmail account let your Reader connect with you better.An email account is one of the most essential tools to have and why google is most preferable is that you may need a blogger account,you may need google adsense in future,youtube e.t.c.
5.stay active and online.

A successful blogger is always online for any latest News Most especially Those whose blog niche based on entertainment,politics news etc.You need to update latest to your Reader.For example,any celeb can buy a new car or house at anytime(Entertainment) or government may appoint any person to new Post(News Niche).Try to alway stay online.
6.Be ready to take insults most time.

Dont be surprise with this,i Remenber when a publish a post concerning the country economy turn down.A guy use the comment box to insult me about what i posted.But,As a Blogger you should not reply those insult with Abusive word in Return. Donít think your viewers will credit your actions all day,learn to be patient and tolerant.
7.You need money.

Yes,you need money if truly you Take Blog As a business If you had ever been told that blogging is free,false. YOU NEED MONEY!
These are Examples of things you need money for,buy domain name,host your website (wordpress),Buy New themes,Buy Data and many more.
8.You need to learn little on php,css e.t.c. codes.

As a Blogger,You need not to be A code Gurus,But still you need little coding Experience.If you employ a designer for your blog and you think you are free to go,you are absolutely wrong!The person you employ may even sell your blog to another person without even knowing,if you donít know about php,you may not even be able to suggest new features for your blog.
9.You must Be Patience.

I know what am saying,if someone told you that making Money is That easy!shitYou need to have also work Hard.Google adsense approval is not That easy. so you have to be very patience.
10.Off to you,You Can also Add yours.

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