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Author Topic: 5 qualities every woman need to succeed in marriage  (Read 230 times)

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5 qualities every woman need to succeed in marriage
« on: May 18, 2016, 01:15:50 AM »
Being a good wife is not just about your love for your husband, it takes a lot of working and tweaking to keep your man happy and your home together.

The role of a wife is a dynamic one that is ever evolving like the job of a coach to his team. You need to stay on top of the situation, and be ready to tweak tactics as often as it becomes necessary.

Being a good wife is about the possession of certain qualities and traits that will not only make you strong but also flexible to handle diverse issues as they arise.

Find below, the 5 most important qualities of a good wife every woman must possess to have a happy home.

A good wife is a BUILDER.

A woman is expected to possess the ability to put the direction and guidance she gets from God and her husband (who is the head of the home) in building the home to be a peaceful loving place every member of the family is glad to come to, and not a war zone that the husband stays away from or kids do not want to return to after school. There’s no quicker way to build resentment in your husband than to criticize him – especially in front of others. On the flip side – try genuinely complementing your husband in front of other people. Your husband will glow with admiration toward you and you’ll feel his appreciation as love.The woman is also expected to join her husband (although the role is prominently played by her) in building the children properly with good morals. By so doing, they are building the community to be one peaceful happy place. It’s such an amazing role to play as a woman.

A good wife is HARDWORKING.

The role of a wife in a family is not an easy one; definitely a role for the indolent and slothful. Every wife needs to be up and doing, and be ready to lead the children (especially daughters) by example. Remember, they (the children) are looking at you, and you already have a lot of influence over them as their parent. Most of the time, how you lead is how they follow. It therefore becomes imperative that a good wife must be hardworking in many areas of her life, business, career, home management and the likes. A lazy wife who can’t cook, wash or do regular house chores will breed same as kids. Sometimes too, a lazy woman who can’t hold down a job, or be successful in a business will likely pass on the trait to her children.

A good wife is PRUDENT.

This is very essential among the most important qualities of a good wife. The prudent management of resources in the home is one way to help save for the rainy days. An extravagant and ostentatious wife is a ticking time bomb for any man. A woman must have a saving culture if she will really fulfill her role as a ‘support’ for her husband. She must be able to see beyond the present and store up grains in the barn on behalf of her family.

A good wife is a COMMUNICATOR.

Ironically, good communication between men and women can be quite frustrating. However, a good wife will seek to discover what’s on her husband’s mind and find a way to express herself to her husband. Often, men and women will make a joint decision – while the man thinks she’s in agreement with him – but only to discover later that she thought the decision was a bad idea. It is important for a woman to keep open communication lines with her husband and be sincere with him.

A good woman PRAYS.

This is one of the most important qualities of a good wife. It is often said that the family that prays together, stays together. In most family, the prayer warrior of the home is usually the wife. She is the convener of prayer sessions and more like the spiritual mentor to the children (even come clergy men are mentored by their wives). The role of prayer is an important role for a good wife

There you have it, my special top 5 most important qualities of a good wife which every woman must possess to be successful in marriage.



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