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Author Topic: Top Reasons why Nigerian celebrities fake their lifestyle  (Read 519 times)

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Top Reasons why Nigerian celebrities fake their lifestyle
« on: April 06, 2016, 01:54:10 AM »

The Linda Ikeji-Wizkid battles have put a spotlight on the celebrity lifestyle in Nigeria. Nigeria is an ostentatious society. We love money and wealth and we treat the rich as demi-gods with bags of money in their shrines. Money is the ultimate goal in Nigeria and not happiness or satisfaction.
Celebrities are sucked into this poisonous thinking and have to keep up with the Jones? by lying about their material possessions. No Nigerian celebrity wants to look like he or she isn?t making money so they lie about their financial status.

The reason why most celebrities lie about their financial status is because of societal pressure. Society demands they appear a certain way and have certain things. If they don?t come up with it they regarded as poor and unsuccessful. They end up being discarded. Nigerians want to see the good life and the flashing lights. It is as simple as that.

Another reason why celebs lie about their finances is because they don?t want to be left behind their peers. Today Davido buys a Range Rover, the next guy wants to get one too. The only problem is that he does not have enough cash. What does he do? He borrows from a rich friend or leases one. He then goes to Instagram and tells you how he bought the car through his hard work

The media is also to blame for this. Without fact checking or confirming the story we quickly publish the stories. We want to be the first to put up the story. There are many celebrities in cars that are not theirs and in mansions they did not buy but they pose with them because of societal pressure. They also live fake lives because they want to keep up with appearances.



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