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Author Topic: US Republican Establishment Declares War on Donald Trump  (Read 154 times)

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US Republican Establishment Declares War on Donald Trump
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:17:55 PM »

Split within the Republican Party has moved far beyond the usual disagreement during most primary elections, and it now appears increasingly unlikely that the party will ever fall in line behind Trump, according to party operatives and analyst.

Amid the blistering rhetoric of this year's U.S. presidential campaign, political cartoons poking fun at the candidates and their actions are providing a lighter note for voters.

With Super Tuesday voting complete, we now have a more detailed picture of how voters across the United States feel about the candidates. Here are some of the numbers from key voting states:

An important state in the general election, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders here with:
* 57 percent of white voters
* 84 percent of African-American voters
* 70 percent of female voters
For the Republicans, Donald Trump polled almost evenly among men and women, and among whites and nonwhites:
* 38 of male voters and 35 percent of female voters
* 35 percent of white voters and 33 percent of nonwhite voters 

Ted Cruz won three states on Super Tuesday, including his home state of Texas. He posted strong leads among white and Latino voters and even numbers of male and female voters:
* 44 percent of white voters and 37 percent of nonwhite voters
* 45 percent of male voters and 41 percent of female voters
Clinton continued her commanding support among women and with Latino and African-American voters:
*57 percent of white voters, 83 percent of African-American voters and 71 percent of Latino voters
*70 percent of female voters

Sanders won Oklahoma, one of four states where he claimed victory on Super Tuesday. He did it by securing strong numbers with nonwhite voters and almost half of all female voters:
* 56 percent of white voters and 40 percent of nonwhite voters
* 46 percent of female voters
Cruz won Oklahoma with close percentages of men and women and with over a third of the white vote:
* 45 percent of male voters and 41 percent of female voters
* 36 percent of white voters

Trump secured half of the white vote in Massachusetts and demonstrated that his supporters are not primarily male: 
*52 percent of male voters and 46 percent of female voters
Clinton won Massachusetts with almost half of white voters, but pushed ahead of Sanders with 57 percent of female voters.



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