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Author Topic: how to start gsm short code business  (Read 243 times)

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how to start gsm short code business
« on: January 18, 2016, 10:32:01 AM »



    GSM Short Code Service is great and cool way making money from home. Have you ever imagine sitting at home and watching money rolling in again and again. I have never seen making money so easy like this before. It is a system designed by smart guys out there to GSM subscribers contribute money to them. Imagine just 1 million GSM subscribers sending you like N30, N 50 or N 100 each. What a huge millions of naira for you. Short Code numbers have that great power to collect money for you from GSM subscribers that send text messages to such numbers.

    Short codes are unique phone numbers assigned by Value Added Service (VAS) Providers to interested entrepreneurs for the purpose of offering Value Added Service(VAS) to millions of GSM Subscribers across the country. The service deducts certain amount of money as specified by the VAS service from the phone credit of the GSM subscriber that respond to it either by text or call. The money deducted is shared among the GSM Operator, VAS Provider and the entrepreneur that operate the short code service, according to the approved revenue sharing formula. How much you can earn from your short code depends on the volume of text or call and the money is usually paid within 90 days or 120 days depending on the operator.


    A text message is now the easiest, fastest and cheapest way of communication anywhere in the world and also the fastest money-making business in the world. GSM short code works on its own and once it is set up, it is like an automated machine.

    The first benefit is the money you make when subscriber text message to your short code. Another bigger opportunity is using the numbers collected for SMS advertising ? either to promote your own products or advertise for bigger companies who are ready to pay good money for it, and you earn money over and over again from the same number of database. One large database can make you more money than the short code itself. Imagine a bank giving you SMS advert, it will be like sending 1 million text messages everyday and if you make just N1 per sms, that is a cool 1 million naira.


    You are dealing with VAS Providers and some of them are dubious, especially if they know that you a novice. The short code business works on dedicated and shared basis but here in Nigeria, nearly all the short codes are shared. Shared short code means the same number will be issued to many people. Each entrepreneur using the short code will have a keyword. The keywords are what differentiate each of you from the shared code. So, you should not make the mistake of promoting the short code alone, you must always put your keyword. For instance, 34416 may be issued to many people including you and your own keyword is INFO. You will instruct your clients like this:
    Text INFO to 34416.

    The money realized through your own keyword will be shared based on the pre-stated sharing formula and this varies from operator to operator.


    One of the critical decisions to take in starting a short code service is choosing a right VAS provider. Not all of them are sincere. Some may attempt to cheat you. One of the ways through which you can be cheated is when you don?t have access to their database where all the text messages goes to. Any provider you choose must give you access to the database.


    You must subscribe for a keyword from any VAS Provider of your choice. They normally charge between N30,000 and N100,000 as set up fee. Then, you must identify what the subscribers want and would be willing to give away there money freely.

    Listed below are different short code service businesses you can do, the company providing the service and the contact person.


    This is where you need my service to make the money, you can get a comprehensive list of the service provider here in Nigeria and 20 HOT SHORT CODE SMS BIZ Platform already made one you can implement immediately, that will pump money into your bank account even if you decided not to work for the rest of your life. Also I have includes a details information about the technical knowhow of setting up a short code service with or without my assistance.

    This eBook will guide and give you all the necessary information and resources need in getting the best VAS PROVIDER and other hidden secret any info marketer will not tell you. So I will recommend you to get a copy now.


    The payment plans are as follows: COMPLETE SET-UP MANUAL = N3, 000
for more information call  07030929561


PHONE NUMBER:   07030929561



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