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Author Topic: Apple confirms iPhone 7 Will Be Waterproofed and with Wireless charging features  (Read 362 times)

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We?ve already known for a while that Apple might be giving up on the headphone jack and go instead for a Lightning connector that would take care of everything, but a new report adds a bunch of new details to the rumor table.

Fast Company writes that Apple is primarily ditching the headphone jack in order to make the iPhone 7 slimmer, so betting on the Lightning port and using wireless headphones are the only two options. And Apple is reportedly planning to use both, but with a catch.

First and foremost, the new iPhone will come with noise-cancelling technology developed by British audio company Wolfson Microelectronics, which will be integrated not only in the phone itself but also into headphones developed by Apple. What?s interesting, however, is that Apple won?t include headphones with such technology in the box of the new iPhone but will only sell them separately, as they?ll come at a premium price.

Additionally, Apple is likely to require third-party headphones manufacturers to use the noise-cancelling technology on their accessories too, obviously for a fee.

Waterproofing and wireless charging

At the same time, the report adds that the fruity-named firm is planning to finally integrate wireless charging into the iPhone 7 using a system similar to the one available on the Apple Watch. The Watch uses inductive charging, so the iPhone 7 could borrow it too. The company could thus develop a charger that would work with both the second-generation Watch and the new iPhone.

And last but not least, rumor has it that Apple is working to make the iPhone 7 waterproof. This isn?t a new rumor, but it explains that it won?t be the I-can-finally-swim-with-my-iPhone kind of waterproof. The device will be able to withstand some splashes and heavy rain, but you?re still not supposed to use it when taking a shower.

Obviously, you should really take this with a pinch because we can?t tell for sure if these rumors are true or not, and Apple could change its mind at any moment, but the iPhone 7 is definitely taking shape quite nicely.



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