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Author Topic: Top 10 Websites for Getting Online and offline Micro Job Opportunities  (Read 1615 times)

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This article talks about some micro-job methods as well as many other
ways of making money online.

And then, visit the following websites and look for jobs that match with
your skill set. Most of these websites use crowd-sourcing methods and
platforms to facilitate coordination among job-seekers and businesses.

Micro Jobs at Guru.com http://www.guru.com

Guru.com provides online micro jobs to talented freelancers.

Guru.com offers a variety of jobs to freelancers. The freelancers are
called ?Gurus? on this website. Guru takes money from the companies who
want to get the work done. Companies can select a freelancer whom they
would like to do the job. Gurus pays to freelancer /only/ after the
company has said that the work has been done to their satisfaction. The
website has lots of facilities for freelancers to find, track and submit
their work. You can communicate with the client, discuss and agree upon
milestones and also finalize the payment schedule.

Guru.com charges from 5% to 10% fee depending on the project you?re doing.

Micro Jobs at ClickWorker.com http://www.clickworker.com/en/

Small online jobs are available on ClickWorker.

ClickWorker provides you part-time jobs of data entry, translation and
writing articles Website is available in English, German and Polish languages. You can register
on this website for free and then you can apply for getting micro-tasks
like text creation, online research, tagging data, editing and data

ClickWorker has more than 300,000 registered users who are taking jobs
and getting paid. They pay in US dollars and Euros and make payments by
bank transfer or through PayPal account.

Micro-Tasks at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best online micro jobs website.
Give it a try and make money online while working at home.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best online micro jobs website.
Give it a try and make money online while working at home.

This website is also known as MTurk and is owned by Amazon. It is one of
the best micro-labor website out there. They offer small jobs like
conducting online surveys, writing comments on blogs, transcription jobs, giving captions to photos,
editing and writing jobs, keyword searches etc.

To US people, Amazon MTurk can pay by bank transfer in US dollars,
can also opt for taking payment through Amazon gift cards.

On Amazon Mechanical Turk, micro jobs are called as /?Human Intelligence
Tasks?/ (HIT). You can browse through available HITs and select the once
that you?re interested in. While browsing HITs, you?ll also see how much
time you will have to complete the job and how much payment will be made
after task is done.

Micro Jobs at Fiverr.com https://www.fiverr.com/

Micro jobs of $5. These small part-time jobs are a good way to earn
money in free time.

Micro jobs of $5. These small part-time jobs are a good way to earn
money in free time.

On Fiverr, micro jobs are called GIGs. You can sell your skill as a GIG
and you can also buy a GIG to utilize someone?s skill. Fiverr is one of
the best portal for all kinds of small online jobs.

On Fiverr, you sell your skill as a GIG for $5 (that is why the name
/?Fiver?/). When someone buys your GIG and you do their job, you get $4
and $1 (or 2%, whichever is less) is charged by Fiverr as commission.

Fiverr says that their mission is to allow people to create business out
of their hobbies. Fiverr pays through PayPal.

You can offer just about any sort of services. Social media, graphic
design, music composing, voice over, copy-writing, SEO, animations,
video editing? the list is limitless.

If you visit Fiverr website, you?ll see people advertising their skills
as /?I will? do this for you?/ (for $5). So, go on and market yourself
on Fiverr platform.

Freelance writing is a great way to work while you relax!

    5  Micro Labor at UserTesting.com http://www.usertesting.com/

Test mobile apps and websites to make money online.

Test mobile apps and websites to make money online.

UserTesting offers you opportunities to test websites and mobile apps.
Developers of websites and mobile apps keep on looking for real users who can give them genuine feedback on
various aspects of their products. You can take part in such testing
campaigns and earn handsome amount of money. A typical test campaign
will take 30-40 minutes and you can make $10 to $20 for each of such

Micro Jobs at oDesk.com https://www.odesk.com/

oDesk marketplace is full of micro jobs. Take your pick!

oDesk marketplace is full of micro jobs. Take your pick!

oDesk is one of the most vibrant micro jobs places. Here you can find
all sorts of small (and big) job opportunities aplenty. Jobs could be
computer programming related like software development, web development.
There are also content related jobs (like writing, proof-reading,
editing etc). oDesk has a large number of freelancers who enjoy working
through this marketplace.

Micro Tasks and Freelance Work at Fivesquids.com
      http://www.fivesquid.com/ (get everything done for just ?5)

A British version of Fiverr, the Fivesquids pays you in British Pounds
for online jobs.

A British version of Fiverr, the Fivesquids pays you in British Pounds
for online jobs.

This is a website that offers micro jobs for UK residents. It can be
considered as the UK avatar of Fiverr. Just like Fiverr, you can sell
your skills on Fivesquids for ?5, ?10, ?20 etc. The website will take ?1
or 2% of total transaction as its cut.

Fivesquids pays in British Pounds (GBP) through your PayPal account.

Micro Jobs at CoinWorker.com https://coinworker.com/

This website offers task which can be done within your browser. Online
jobs likes surveys, viewing ads, tagging, validation etc. are on offer.
CoinWorker pay you in Bitcoins <https://bitcoin.org/en/>. For each job
you earn points and when your collected number of points reach 180, they
give you equivalent Bitcoins.

      Online Micro Jobs at Envato Studio.com <http://studio.envato.com/>

Formerly, this website was known as /Freelancer Switch/ and then it was
named /Microlancer/. At present it is known as Envato Studio. It is
offers jobs related with programming, web development and designing.
Here you get paid pretty well for doing these jobs as the clients are
established companies and offer bigger projects.

Micro Tasks at MicroWorker.com https://microworkers.com/

Micro jobs at Micro Workers! Get on board and do online work from home.

Micro jobs at Micro Workers! Get on board and do online work from home.

This website has many good features that make it interesting both for
the worker as well as companies. When a company posts a task on
MicroWork, they get a code called VCODE. If the company is satisfied
with the work done by a microworker, the company gives him this VCODE
and the worker submits it into the website. This enhances the workers
profile and it enables him to get more and better work in future.

Job offering company can also use geo-targeting feature to select
workers from a particular region or country. They also allow job
offering companies to select workers of their own choice.

Freelance writing work at CrowdSource.com

Content writing jobs at CrowdSource are available for writers.

This website is good for writers, copy-editors, content moderators etc.
CrowdSource has jobs related with all the aspects of content and they
prefer AP style-book for writing assignments. They pay reasonable
compensation but new workers may feel that they?re underpaid. This
website works in connection with the Amazon Mechanical Turks (which I?ve
already mentioned above). They first train and test the new workers.
Then the workers select jobs from the catalog.


These are some of the better websites where you can easily find
freelance work. Doing micro jobs has its own pros and cons. On one hand,
you get freedom from routine of day jobs but on the other hand micro
jobs don?t give you the stability of a regular day job. Such micro job
opportunities are good for those who have some spare time and want to
make online income.



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