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Author Topic: Meet The World Richest Pets  (Read 319 times)

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Meet The World Richest Pets
« on: December 07, 2015, 12:18:56 PM »

When it comes to being pampered, no one has it better than these lucky pets. Not only do they live in the lap of luxury, they have more money than most of us will ever dream of ? and they didn?t even have to work for it.

From large inheritances to money making looks, here are the richest pets that have ever existed:

Gunther IV

This German Shepherd was born into the right family. In 1991, Countess Karlotta Libenstein passed away and left her $80 million (+/- R220 million at the time) to her beloved pet Gunther III. Thanks to the dog?s very cleaver trustees, the fortune was invested and accumulated to a value of $375 million (+/- R5.3 billion), which his son Gunther IV inherited. In 2000 Gunther IV bought Modonna?s Miami Beach house and also owns villas in Italy and Bahamas.


Blackie currently holds the  Guinness World Record for the world?s wealthiest cat to ever exist. Blackie?s owner was Ben Rea, a British antiques dealer who died in 1988. Refusing to recognise his family in his will, Rea left his $13 million (R29 million at the time) estate to his cat. He may hold the record for wealthiest cat now, but our next rich pet may giving him a run for his money.

Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat

Now here is a pet who earned their fortune rather than inheriting it. In 2012 a picture of Grumpy cat became a worldwide meme and since then her frowning face has earned her quite a bit of money. Since going viral (she has 1 million followers Instagram) , Grumpy Cat has a personal coffee brand, a range of merchandise and even has her own movie called Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever. Her owner even quit her job as waitress since the success of her cat. It is unclear how much Grumpy Cat?s net worth is, some speculate that is $100 million (R1.4 billion), but her owner says this is an exaggeration.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOVEMBER 21: Grumpy Cat appears at Lifetime's Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever event at Macy's Union Square on November 21, 2014 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Civic Entertainment Group)

British publishing giant Miles Blackwell, loved his chicken, and not on his plate. After retiring and selling his interest the family business, Miles decided to move to the country to raise sheep and hens. After his death in 2001, he left a large chunk of his fortune to Charity, and reportedly left $15 million ( R129 million at the time) to his most loved pet ? Gigoo the chicken.


Infamous real  estate developer, Leona Helmsley, appropriately named her dog Trouble and then made her the centre of controversial inheritance. When she died in 2007, the ?queen of mean? left her dog $12 million (R84 million at the time) and cut her two grandchildren out of her will. Eventually a judge whittled down the inheritance to $2 Million (R14 million at the time). Trouble died in 2011, but had a pretty eventful life after becoming a millionaire. According to an obituary about Trouble published in  the New York Times, Trouble received multiple kidnapping and death threats, had a security team and travelled by private jet.

leona hamsly ansd trouble

Many stray animals find wonderful homes, but Tommaso  the cat hit the Jackpot. Found on the streets of Rome, Tommaso was adopted by Maria Assunta,  the widow of an Italian property tycoon. Besotted with the cat, Maria wanted to ensure her cat was loved and cuddled when she was gone, so she left the cat a $13 million (R94 million at the time) fortune after she died in 2011. Her nurse made sure Tommaso was well cared for.

Toby Rimes

Toby was the last remaining family member of prestigious and wealthy Wendel family. Toby belonged to Ella Wendel, the last human member of the New York based family. When she died in 1931, thousands of people came forward claiming to be long lost Wendels, but the only certain heir was Toby Rimes. So the poodle reportedly got her $40 million fortune. Sadly Toby Rimes died months after Ella, and the estate was split up and divided between a handful of charitable institutions.  However, Toby Rimes lives on. Every descendant of the original Toby Rimes is said to be left the fortune which is now estimated $92 million (R1.3 billion), but this could just be a legend.

Toby Rimes_youTube

This Chihuahua belonged to Miami socialite, Gail Posner, and was probably the most pampered pooch in the world. This dog has designer clothes, pearl and diamond jewellery and was a regular at Miami clubs. When Gail died in 201o, she left her $8.3 million mansion for her beloved pet and a $3 million trust fund for them. She also left money to her security and house staff and allowed some of them to live in her house rent free to take care of her pets. The rest of her money went to charity. Unsurprisingly, Gail?s only  living child  Bret Carr has filed a law suit to get his share of money.


This fabulous cat belongs to the head designer and creative director for fashion giants Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. He has proclaimed that his cat is the richest and most famous cat in the world. Even Choupette?s twitter bio brags about how spoiled she is. It?s states:  ? I am Choupette Lagerfeld & I am Daddy @KarlLagerfeld?s spoiled pussy whose maids pamper her every need. #Chanel #KarlLagerfeld #ShortyAwards Finalist #NonHuman? (sic) . In an interview for New York Magazine,   Lagerfeld boasted that his cat has two personal maids and earned $3.3 million (R48 million) from only 2 modelling jobs, and that is without all her daddy?s money.




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