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Author Topic: 4 Jobs That helps cancer patients live a better life  (Read 298 times)

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4 Jobs That helps cancer patients live a better life
« on: November 09, 2015, 02:20:55 AM »

4 Jobs That helps cancer patients live a better life:

Cancer counselors. Cancer obviously takes a major physical toll on the bodies of its victims, but there are many emotional struggles that people face as a result of their diagnosis as well. Therefore, it?s often beneficial for patients to receive long-term or even short-term counseling, especially immediately following a diagnosis. There are many different approaches to counseling for cancer patients, including individual, family and group counseling sessions with other cancer patients, each of which are led by a psychologist or counselor who are familiar with the cancer treatment process. Some counselors are even cancer survivors themselves.

Case managers. These individuals coordinate all of the care that a patient will have throughout their treatment. These roles are often filled by nurses who have many years of experience working with cancer patients, and who also possess excellent customer service skills which are necessary for handling delicate situations that often arise with frightened patients and their loved ones.

Transport specialists. Although receiving regular treatment is critical for increasing survival odds, many patients struggle to find reliable means of transport to their appointments. This can occur if these individuals are too ill to drive and don?t have someone close to them who can shuttle them around; can?t afford the cost of paying a driving service; or don?t have a vehicle to begin with. But there are many organizations that offer driving services to qualified patients either for free or for a very reduced price, and depend on safe, reliable drivers.

Service dog volunteers. Dogs have long been man?s best friend for a reason, and have lent a helping paw (or four) to the physically disabled for generations. But these days, they are doing so much more to help those in need than ever before, and helping cancer patients in a variety of ways is being added to the resumes of many loving pooches. Not all dogs are right for the job; however, and most centers that invite cancer service dogs to help their patients require at least a couple of days? worth of training. But being on the other end of a leash while watching your dog brighten up a chemotherapy patient?s day makes all the effort worth it.



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