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Author Topic: How to Edit Broadcast List on Whatsapp  (Read 390 times)

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How to Edit Broadcast List on Whatsapp
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:37:33 PM »

Edit WhatsApp Broadcast List

If you need to remove or add contacts in an already created broadcast
list, you can do so.

 1. Open the broadcast list
 2. Tap on *Menu Button*
 3. Select *Broadcast list info*
 4. To remove a recipient from the list, tap and hold on their name. You
    will be given to *Remove participant from broadcast list*
 5. Tap on *Add recipient?* button in order to add more contacts in the list

Difference Between WhatsApp Broadcast and WhatsApp Group

Yes, it?s a good question. If you have used groups on WhatsApp, you may
ask how WhatsApp Broadcast is different from WhatsApp Group! Well, the
difference lies in anonymity. In WhatsApp Group, all the members know
who are the other members of the group. Therefore, every group members
know who all would receive a group message.

On the other hand, /recipient list in WhatsApp Broadcast remains
private/. Recipients don?t come to know who else has received the
message. Each list member receives your message as though it was sent
only to him.

In email analogy, WhatsApp Group is like using CC (carbon copy) option.
Whereas, WhatsApp Broadcast is like using BCC (blind carbon copy).

Go on! Open your WhatsApp and send your first broadcast message to all
your friends! Should you have any question in this regard, please feel
free to ask me through comments section. I will be happy to try and
assist you.



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