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Author Topic: 5 Gmail features that will help you to stay more organized  (Read 8640 times)

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5 Gmail features that will help you to stay more organized
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:51:01 AM »

Right-Click Emails For Quick Access Controls

If you are using Gmail on the desktop, you can now right-click emails in the feed to get access to quick controls. You can quickly move emails to different tabs, reply, forward, or access any other feature, including Googleís new snooze control.

It essentially takes two clicks to do absolutely anything you could want to do with each email. I find it far faster than using any of the other controls on the Gmail interface.

Snooze Emails For Later

The recently added snooze feature in Gmail can be used to hide a particular email for a later time or date. Then, when the snooze timer is up, youíll get a new email notification. The email will pop into your inbox as if itís a new email.

Why use snooze? Well, sometimes we get emails that we donít have the time to reply to, or we want to think more carefully about how to respond. Using snooze makes sure we get notified at a later point so that we donít forget to reply.

Iíve been using snooze a lot recently and itís helped me to make sure those half-written replies donít sit in my drafts folder for too long.

Follow Up Reminders

This is a feature you may already be taking advantage of. If Gmail thinks an email is important, but you donít respond to it, it will show reminders in your email feed so that you donít forget. You will see orange text a few days later alongside the email subject line.

I find itís easier to actively use the snooze feature instead. But if you forget, Gmail has your back so you donít have to worry about missing important messages.

Write Now, Send Later

A very new feature added in April 2019 allows Gmail users to write emails and send them later. This could be useful for scheduling time sensitive messages you canít always get sent on time.

Google suggested it could be used for birthday messages, for sending messages at more appropriate times for those in different time zones, or to not interrupt those on vacation.

To use the new Write Now, Send Later feature, tap the three dots in the Gmail app and tap Schedule Send.

On the desktop, tap the arrow next to the blue send button and tap Schedule Send.

Gmail Smart Compose, Now Coming To iOS

Google says that more people are using Smart Compose to speed up their emails and Gmail Smart Compose is going to get smarter over time.

Wondering what Smart Compose is? Itís an AI-powered feature that guesses what words you will write next. Apparently, itís already saving people from collectively typing over 1 billion characters per week. As of April 2019, Smart Compose is available on all Android devices and soon it will come to iOS.

To use Smart Compose, simply use the Gmail app to compose a message. As you type, suggestions will appear in dull text. Swipe to fill out the suggestion.

The more you use Smart Compose, the more it will learn about the words you use, making it even more powerful. Itís essentially like a more powerful auto-correct built into your email client.