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Author Topic: How to drive massive traffic to affiliate links using Reddit Twitter and Amazon  (Read 10360 times)

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So to start off:what you need

1. Reddit Account Creation...

...Is extremely easy. They ask you for an email initially, but you can just hit "next" on that and ignore it entirely. I've heard that you can reasonably operate 2-3 accounts on the same IP, so you can start there. If you want to do vote manipulation (recommended) you're going to want look into proxies or a VPN later on down the line.

2. Getting Karma

Several subreddits have limits placed on accounts, sometimes based on time, other times based on karma. You can't do much about the time besides buying accounts (I have no recommendations, I'm a patient person) but you CAN farm karma very easily.

All you have to do is grab a funny gif off google - something with pets or the like is recommended, then post in a subreddit like or I've also seen people posting art from deviantart on the like in corresponding subreddits. You just want to submit some sort of image that gets upvotes.

I'm not sure if you can post immediately after getting some karma, as I wasn't posting very often per day. I would wait a day.

I usually gained 20-100 karma per these posts. I believe you want at least 50 karma before you start posting links. There are services around that can submit links for you for around $5 if you want to get links up and running while you wait for your own accounts.

3. Create your twitter page

Now we're going to go to twitter, which we'll be using as our landing page. You can use an old twitter or an existing twitter, entirely up to you, makes little difference - we'll be linking directly to tweets so your profile is less important.

A good idea is to go for a general "deals/savings" type page. Pick a corresponding avatar and a nice cover photo. I copied what others before me were doing here:

1. A real name
2. Your twitter link, something generic or brandable related to the sick savings or offers you'll be posting on your website.
3. IMPORTANT! Put an affiliate disclaimer in your twitter bio. Many programs REQUIRE you put some sort of disclaimer somewhere on your websites/links - treat your twitter page the same.
4. Your tweet - composition is simple. Just post the deal/offer in the tweet, and include specifics. Is it 25% off? Include it. Then include the item. You can also include how much the regular price is. You're just trying to sell them on how sick this deal is.
5. Your link to the deal. If you're using amazon, it'll be a link.
6. Feel free to put hashtags related to the product. No reason to miss out on potential, organic twitter viewers looking for the same deal.
7. Image of the product.

4. Create your tweet

Sort of covered above, just compose your tweet. Include the deal/product/offer, the link ( or other), relevant hashtags, and a relevant image.

Grab the link to the tweet.

5. Posting on Reddit

This comes down to you. There are two ways to do this.
Posting link to tweet on Reddit.
This is pretty straightforward. Find relevant subreddits, ones where people actually care about the product/offer/deal/niche. Submit the tweet as a link, either as a salesman, a person giving just a PSA for fellow <whatever that subreddit is>, etc.

Posting it in a text post
This is a little less straightforward and more depending on your own savvy, but you can post it in text posts on reddit. From what I've seen, reddit is less strict on text posts as well - sometimes rules set in place against links don't apply to the text post at all.
For example, if you post as someone who just happened upon the deal but are unsure about it.

Thread Title:
The <product> is on sale for 20% Off. Is it worth it? Any testimonies?
Thread Body:
Hey guys, I just [found this deal on Twitter]( I've been looking out for deals on the <product> for a while now, and I'm thinking this might be my best chance to snatch it up.

But is it worth it?

Looking on Amazon, there are a couple of negative reviews that have me apprehensive. I'm trying to get an opinion from someone who has personally tried the product.

Would you recommend it?
People naturally upvote these posts if you're appealing to them right. And in the case of this text post, the people commenting on the post will literally SELL THE PRODUCT TO OTHER PEOPLE *FOR YOU*.

But if you have trouble getting upvotes...

6. Vote Manipulation

You can upvote your own posts with the accounts you've been creating and karma farming on. I'm 70% sure reddit doesn't count upvotes from newer accounts/accounts with 0 karma, so don't start doing this until you've farmed up some karma with gifs/fan art/etc. Then, you'll have to invest in proxies or a VPN (no recommendations, not selling anything) and log in with these on to upvote your own posts. Don't forget to clear cache and/or switch browsers in between IPs.

People claim you have to CREATE these accounts with different IPs as well. I've never had issues with my method, but if you guys do this more extreme than me, you may take that route as well. If you can buy private proxies, just make a note of what proxy you use for what account and you can keep it consistent.

An addon like: might help with that.

If you're upvoting yourself, don't upvote more than once per minute early on, or you can run into some auto-removal situations. You can also buy upvotes from various people around BHW, seoclerk, or Google.

7. Conclusion
As someone who was helped immensely by @meathead1234 's direct traffic method many years ago, I felt an obligation to share what I felt was essentially the rebirth of that method. Direct traffic allows people who are at home and willing to do a little work to earn money a way to do so. Take that revenue, expand this method, and figure out how to turn it into a steady stream of income.

Reddit is a fantastic website to get direct traffic from if you know how to appeal to the people there. A good sign of whether or not you're providing value is the number of natural upvotes your posts get.

The more you browse Reddit, the more you'll recognize how to appeal to users, as well as think of various twists you can put on this method.

Good luck.


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