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Author Topic: How to make $5 minimum daily with pinterest and mylikes  (Read 1285 times)

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How to make $5 minimum daily with pinterest and mylikes
« on: November 13, 2014, 05:05:04 PM »
How to make an easy $5 a day with pinterest and mylikes

first of all, you will need 3 accounts for this guide.

A paypal account that can cashout,

pintrest account

mylikes account.

I have been using this step to rake daily amazing earnings for a while now and decide to share with members.

1 .  You will need to create an account at mylikes account signup. It is free to create an account and it will take less than 3 minutes, for those who are new to mylikes- it?s a site that is focus on the Pay-Per-Click basis. You get paid for every click to your link, just like adsense. You will create a publisher account.

2.  After creating your account, you are ready to earn that first $$ by promoting the loads of campaigns available!

3.  Like I stated above, there will be loads of campaigns, click on ?Get Web Link? and your selected campaign gets added to your Mylikes Personal site. View your mylikes website by clicking ?View site? option on the top of the mylikes website,  It is a big blue button. Find it! It is there.

4.  Select multiple campaigns so that you will have a beautiful mini-site on Mylikes. It does not matter how your mylikes mini-site looks like though, we are only focusing on the campaigns.

5. Like stated above, when you click on the ?Get Web link? option, you are given a link that is shareable on multiple social sites. When people click on your link you get paid! simple? Yes, that is the purpose of this post! However, the amount you receive per click depends where your audience is located. Apparently, if you are getting clicks from the USA, Europe, etc. you get paid handsomely.

6. Ok, your mini site is ready, and the campaigns are in place, it is time to start sharing it with your audience or your networks of friends? this time our audience will be coming from pinterest.

7. Create your pinterest account  pintrest account signup link and it is free and will take less than 2 minutes to create. If you have a pinterest account already, then you can skip this step.

Note- in addition to the account creation on pintrest,to get huge traffic to your site, can join the following popular pintrest boards below by just clicking on each link and click on follow.this boards were selected because they allow pins to board.

(a) wedding ideas pintrest board

(b) recipes pintrest board

(c) Entertainment pintrest board

(d) World news pintrest board

(e) Make money tips pintrest board

(f) Heath matters pintrest board

(g) Heath matters pintrest board

(i) Sports gist pintrest board

(j) technology pintrest board

(8). You will need to install the Browser ?Pinterest Pin-it? addon on your PC.

This step will play a major role to make this method a success. We are going to install the ?pinterest pin it? addon on firefox. You can do that by searching for the addon on the firefox addons manager.

9. Now we are going to be using our Mylikes campaigns as Pins on Pinterest website? still on Firefox, you?ll SEE the Pinterest addon button at the top right side of your PC. While on a particular campaign that you have the ?web link? to, click on the addon button. It will make your website?s campaign?s images into Pinnable Images. You?ll have to find the image related to your campaign from wherever. Pin images from those campaigns which you are sure will get noticed and clicks from your audience.
Make sure you are logged into your pinterest account and when you click on the pin it button, the image will be pasted in your pinterest board.

10. When you pinned an image on Pinterest, the image source is also provided below for users to visit. When a user click on the ?source link?, it?s actually your pinterest ?web link? that you had created when taking up the campaign. You get paid when people click on your ?web link? and this is just it, the more people click on it, the more money you earn. To get more clicks, ensure you take up attractive campaigns.

11. When you start getting more traffic to your links, you will see the $$$ adding up even faster. And don?t forget to attach your paypal account to your mylikes account to get paid!
If you have followers on twitter, you can share your pinterest links and get even more links! Also, if you can get more followers on your pinterest, you will really see the $$$ adding up faster.
This method works and if you are looking for way to make quick money online, then you have it here? you don?t need to invest any money. This is my tweak for earning money with mylikes.


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