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Author Topic: How To Earn Constant Income Upto $50 USD Daily Uploading Videos And Articles  (Read 1504 times)

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This website name was Topbuzz this is the best earning money website that gives you money through paypal or bank transfer..
Bank transfer is available when you earning will reach 150$ but paypal you can withdraw money anytime...

How It Works
What Is TopBuzz
TopBuzz is a free, open platform for people to read, create and share content. Empowered by our pioneering recommendation algorithms, TopBuzz helps creators distribute content to highly targeted audiences and helps all users to find the content that will interest them most.

TopBuzz PC
Create your TopBuzz account by using your email or social media account. Please read the "Sign-up" section for more information;
Post articles, videos, and gifs; manage and review key stats of your content. Please read the "Content Management" section under posting guidelines for more information;
Revenue will be generated based on the performance of published content, and relevant statistics are able for review under "Earnings". Please read the "User Guidance" section for more information.

TopBuzz App
Content published by creators will be distributed to TopBuzz and BuzzVideo app users through our AI-driven personalization algorithm;
TopBuzz users may view a wide variety of content published by TopBuzz creators, follow and subscribe to specific channels or creators, and leave comments.

To get the App:
Android users, please visit Google Play Store and search TopBuzz or BuzzVideo.
IOS users please visit App Store and search TopBuzz or BuzzVideo.


Posting Guidelines
Content Management
Make a Post
Go to Creator Studio, click on the pencil icon on the left to make a new post:

Write a title;
Edit your post;
Add some basic formattings for your text, such as numbered lists, bold, italic, references, and so on;
Add pictures;
Click on the "Preview" button at the bottom to preview the App display of the edited text;
Click on the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page to post your article.
You may upload a video from your computer, or shoot video directly in the app.
Choose an appropriate and compelling title and add a description for your video;
Set a cover image that corresponds to and best describes the content of your video;
Click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page to post your video.
You may upload a GIF from your computer;
Choose a title for your GIF;
Click "Publish" to post your GIF.
You may post high quality images to make a photo album on TopBuzz;
Your album should include as least 3 pictures and no more than 50;
Add a description to your album.
Go to Creator Studio and click "Content" under Management;
Select the posts you want to edit then click "Edit" to make changes;
When finished, click “Publish”

Choose the posts that you want to delete and click “Delete”.

Check Your Content
Go to Creator Studio and click "Content" under Management;
Select "Publish" to see your history posts and "Draft' to see your un-published posts.

Edit a Draft
Your unpublished posts are saved under the "Draft" tab of your "Content" page;
To continue editing your unpublished posts, select the post you’d like to edit.

Delete a Draft
Select the draft to be deleted, and click "Delete".

If you are a TopBuzz creator publishing quality original content, you will earn revenue from the platform.


Topbuzz is now only available usa uk & many foreign country but unfortunately the service is not available for india...
Dont be said guys  so what that the service is not for india you can earn money from topbuzz still
**Kindly note**
when you join topbuzz going for setting make sure to choose payment option paypal dont choose bank transfer if you choose bank transfer they will block you because indian bank & usa bank is not at all same so click on paypal option only to get successful payment 💪

Firstly i got the mail from topbuzz creator that join our network i go for that network so i uploaded all types of video not from my YouTube channel i uploaded video from other youtube CHANNEL because many youtubers doesn't know that they can earn from the i upload mostly funniest video in got online through trends. boom.


Topbuzz gives you there creator studio dashboard which is so damn cool & guys if you're uploading other youtube video then please make sure that the video is old because topbuzz also have copyright & community guidelines rule like youtube so be careful...


You can earn money by writing article dont copy other articles because copying article is not allowed.
You can earn money by uploading youtube video other youtube video or our youtube video depending on you...
Earn money by uploading gif...


Topbuzz gives money through paypal or via bank transfer
Bank transfer is available when your payment reaches 150$
Topbuzz dont give the money about ads they give money from view the more your view the fast your money will increase.

Join Today And Start Earning.

Sign Up on Topbuzz



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