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Author Topic: Game Developer EA Considers Loot Boxes with Cosmetic Items Next Battlefield Game  (Read 1808 times)

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Electronic Arts might drop regular loot boxes for the upcoming Battlefield game, and the company is considering using only cosmetic items, new reports say.

Last week we got some pretty solid rumors that a new Battlefield game thatís in the works will be set in World War II. Itís nice to see the game going back to its roots, but what the community wants to know related to the infamous loot boxes.

We all remember the controversy caused by Star Wars Battlefront II, with its loot boxes and credit system that pushed people over the edge in terms of accepted microtransactions. The company probably assumed that since itís a Star Wars games, people will buy anything. Theyíre wrong, and the ensuing boycott hurt the sales tremendously.

From the looks of it, Electronic Arts is not looking to make the same mistake all over again, but they are not ready to drop the loot boxes entirely. At this point, itís almost assumed that a multiplayer game will have some sort of a reward system, and companies really, really want to profit from a game even after the sale was made.

This is the plan but plans change
According to reports from Kotaku and US Gamer, people have been talking with other people close to the upcoming Battlefield V project, which should launch by the end year. The rumor is that at least for now, Electronic Arts and Dice are only implementing loot boxes for cosmetic changes, which would be an acceptable compromise for the community.

What the report also mentions is that Battlefield V is still a long way away, and even though the plan is to have cosmetic changes only, that plan could change along the way.

On the other hand, the community would love for another opportunity to hate on Electronic Arts once more, and itís quite possible that the backlash will be even fiercer than before. Itís very likely that weíll get more information about this in the coming months.


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