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Author Topic: Moving on sexually After Breakup or Divorce  (Read 974 times)

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Moving on sexually After Breakup or Divorce
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:59:20 AM »
Everyone has been hurt so badly that they swear off from dating forever. However, it just doesn't happen. Many women claim that they don't want another relation after the divorce because it will effect the children. It's okay to move on. In fact, many people expect their ex's to move on and have sex, as well as, meaningful relationships.

The only thing that you need to be worried about when it comes to sexually relationships and divorce is that you should never get back with your ex. If this is a person who would hurt you so much and leave you, why would you ever go back just so they can get some. It's not helping you with the divorce and it's not helping the kids, if there are any. When you hook back up with an ex, it confuses people. Women think that they want to get back, and some times the sex is just sex. It doesn't mean anything. If you start seeing your ex again, you will find that the children will be just as confused. They may have false hope of you two getting back together. This can be devastating to the children.

Next, when considering having sex again after a divorce you have to ask yourself why you want to. Do you just feel lonely, is it a hormone thing, or do you really care about them. If it is more than just loneliness or hormone and you truly care then you will be more inclined to talk about the sex before taking the leap. You want to make sure that this is not something that will cause you immediate hurt. Love has risks, but you want to make sure that you don't turn your back and find out that everything was a lie. You don't want to be taken advantage of. You need to make sure that you are not in the relationship to hide who you really are or to keep a safe distance from love. You do not want to be with someone who you don't care about so you know that your heart doesn't get broken.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every man is different. You should not think about how they will hurt you because that's what the others did. If you make your present interest suffer because of what happened in past relationships you are condemning the relationship. It's okay to trust again and to love again. There are risks, but that's the thing about love. It's worth the risks.

If you plan on engaging in sexual intercourse with another after a divorce, make sure that it is something that you want. Make sure that you can live with the decision and that you are responsible. Today, you need to take the proper precautions, not only with your feelings, but with your health. You need to make sure that you use protection from STD'S and pregnancy.

When you move onto another relationship, erase the slate. Don't bring up your past a lot. Don't compare your actions with them to how you were with others. If things are right they will work out. Don't look at your life as a system. Love is one of the most mysterious feelings. It's hard to describe it, and it's hard to tell why things happen. You never know when you are going to fall in love and fall out of love. If you take things slow and let things take their own course, you will find that love will find you. You will be very happy. 

Don't let your divorce hold you back from having a good relationship.


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