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Author Topic: Divisions Within British Government Remains Big Concern  (Read 777 times)

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Divisions Within British Government Remains Big Concern
« on: January 31, 2018, 01:10:57 AM »

Last week British Prime Minister Theresa May basked in praise in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum from U.S. President Donald Trump, who said he thought she was doing a good job and pledged to help advance a trade deal to help offset economic losses Britain will likely suffer from leaving the European Union.

But this week, the growing rift in her Cabinet over Brexit, as well as her leadership, has critics within her ruling Conservative party saying she isn't doing a good job and accusing her of governing more like a tortoise than a lion.

Traditionally, the Conservatives are unsentimental when it comes to ditching their leaders, and far more so than the main opposition party, Labour, which has often retained leaders long after they should have been dumped. And internecine warfare in Britain's Conservative party can be especially fratricidal: most of the key players tend to have grown up together in college, where they waged youthful ideological battles or competed to run student societies and debating clubs. The bruising rivalries of the past often remain unforgiven.

But few of May's senior party foes have the political courage to condemn her openly. That is left to lawmaker allies who don't have government positions or to ideological friends in the country's top newspapers, mostly Conservative.

Hence this week's avalanche of headlines in the key Conservative newspapers, The Times, Daily Telegraph, and Daily Mail: "Theresa May Faces Growing Calls to Quit," "It Could End for Mrs. May Tomorrow," "One Well-Aimed Speech Could Topple Mrs. May," and "Theresa May's 'Tortoise' Leadership Openly Criticized."

In a column headlined "Will Someone Rid Us of This Appalling PM?" The Times columnist Iain Martin accused May of overseeing "one of the most spineless, depressed and depressing administrations in living memory." He remarked she appears "temperamentally incapable" of getting things done, "with a zero capacity for initiative."


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