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Author Topic: Benefits of aloe vera  (Read 2303 times)

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Benefits of aloe vera
« on: January 22, 2018, 04:56:49 AM »

I don't know if it is a native plant, but it might as well be. It grows everywhere – at least it is planted everywhere by people. It is one of the most popular plants for front lawns. When I was growing up, whenever I would get a cut, scar, or other injury, I would simply break off a piece of aloe vera and rub it on the wound. It would greatly speed healing. Usually, it would take about half as long to get better.

One thing I didn't know about growing up, however, was the benefits of aloe vera juice. I had always assumed that the benefit of aloe vera only held for external application. Usually, things that are good to rub on your body are not good to eat. However, the benefits of aloe juice are supposed to be extremely substantial. Although it kind of tastes nasty, many people drink aloe vera juice for its vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional components. I know many people who swear by it – practical people who usually don't go in for a fad. Apparently, it really works. It is supposed to decrease the duration of many illnesses and increase nutrition in the body.

The aloe plant is used in more applications than you would guess. I am constantly amazed at the numbers of products that use aloe vera. I have only recently started to read the labels on the things that I buy, but it has taught me a lot about the benefits of aloe vera. Apparently, it is not just good for nutrition and for healing wounds and other injuries. Apparently, it is supposed to be good for almost everything. I don't know if this is just one of those exaggerations that people make when they find a plant that is good for a few uses, but more and more people are seeing aloe vera as a panacea. The benefits of aloe vera are supposed to be helpful for hair care, skin anti aging products, beauty products, and even immune system support products.

Nonetheless, it is hard to tell if the benefits of aloe vera are lost when it is put in a gel or other preparation. I was always told to use the plant fresh. My mom never told me about the benefits of aloe gel, and I really don't know how well it works once it is processed.


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