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Author Topic: How To Drive Web Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO  (Read 540 times)

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How To Drive Web Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:15:05 PM »
Traffic is one of the best factor a good blogger in being successful. You canít be blogging and have no one reading your article, itís just like preparing for an exam that wonít be marked or writing a book that
wonít be marked. You might end up quitting blogging or losing passion for blogging. Imagine If there is no Google or bing or yahoo, then you maybe wondering how you would drive traffic to your blog. In this
article, I will explain how you can get traffic to your blog without SEO.

1. Commenting in Blog

Blog comments can be very helpful for blogger because it can help build backlinks for your blog. Frequently commenting on high authority blogs of your niche helps the blog owner to identify you and there you can get to start a conversation with him. Blog comments shouldnít be spammy like freuqent post of your links in the blog comment is inappropriate. Post links in blog comments on the blog to revelant post on your blog when a visitor asks question concerning those topics. Th visitor or other frequent visitors would click on the link If they consider it useful. By so doing you get the chance to provide help for the visitor and also drive traffic to your blog. If the visitor like your blog, then he/ she would frequently start visiting it.
It is advisable to use your name when commenting on such blogs instead your  blog url, that will give the admins or owner of the blog impression that you are not leaving comments to promote your blog.

2. Guest Posting

Guest post has served as a good way for new bloggers to get their site identified from top blogs of their niche. A guest post should be a high quality content that visitors love to read. Before embarking on Guest post you should notice sites in your niche that accept guest posting. You can also get sites you wish to publish guest post from google search engine. For example your can type your (niche type) and (guest post strings). Common guest post strings include guest post, contributed by, write for us, suggest a post, guest post written by. Once you get sites you wish to publish your guest post, you can contact the admins of the site using the contact page. The message you send to the admin of the site considers matters. Make it error free, complement his blog by telling him you love the way he write and tell him you would live to post a guest post in his blog. Follow up with his replies and submit a rich high content post. If the admin likes the post, you can build a good relationship with the admin thereby having greater chances of submitting more guest posts.

 3. Social media

Social media has proven to get as much traffic as search engines. Social media can be regarded as new age SEO because you can get thousands of traffic from them depending on how interactive you are with your audience. Signing up for top social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and even Whatsapp. You might be actually be wondering how Whatsapp messenger can actually......

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