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Author Topic: 10 ways to know your Imam is sleeping with your mata  (Read 201 times)

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10 ways to know your Imam is sleeping with your mata
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:58:47 PM »

There have been many cases whereby a husband suspects his Imam and wife are having an affair but due to the superiority of the Imam he will not be able to confront him.

While you may not be sure, here are the signs to know if your Imam is sleeping with your wife.
1. He calls her at odd time

When your wife receives strange calls at midnight and later tells you Imam said I should greet you, my brother please be at alert because definitely your Imam and mata have a conjunction together.

2. She always visits him
She has one or two things to visit him for and then you keep wondering what she goes to see him for and she’s always telling you it’s for your own good. Hmmm I cannot decide what to do for you oo.

3. He comes around only when you’re out

When you get back from work, she will tell you that Imam came visiting he never comes when you’re at home, this is a sign that they have been ‘cucumbering’ themselves.

4. He sees different vision about her
He always tells her that he saw a vision about her, that she should come fast fast for prayers and so that he can tell her what to do. Can’t he tell her to do prayers on phone?

5. He makes her control you
From been the head of the family, you just turn to mumu for her one day and your friends are telling you but you say its love, shine your eye oooo or buy hypo to wash your brain.

6. She takes him important than the religion
Any small thing she emphasizes on how the Imam preaches and not how God has intervened in her life, then there is more to it.

7. She goes to the mosque early in order to sit in the front, to maintain a balanced eye contact between her and the Imam
She wants to be known as the “Iya alasalatu” always want to sit at the front where they can both be sighting each other.

He keeps preaching on how husbands should be calm with their wives, biko they are referring to you.

8. After the regular prayer, she remains in the mosque, having one thing or the other to see him for
After the prayer, when everyone is going home that is when she is set to see the Imam and tells you to wait for her in the car or go home with the children, then you are not vigilant enough.

9. She always goes to Tahajjud (Night Vigil)
She complains about everything else but when it comes to going to Tahajjud because it is that Imam that is coming to preach there, then you are gone.

10. She talks about him in every conversation
Even if you are seeing a movie and something comes up she suddenly just starts talking about how Imam said we should do and not do this and then you support her. You are far behind.

If your mata does the following then they are not only ‘cucumbering’ but they are ‘carroting’.

A word is enough for the wise.

Source: http://nignews.com.ng/10-ways-to-know-your-imam-is-sleeping-with-your-mata/



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