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Author Topic: How To Get Traffic On Your WebSite  (Read 14149 times)

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How To Get Traffic On Your WebSite
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:56:36 AM »

The big problem and I often ask is: How does one have a lot of free traffic on its site? For example, if you take out a new site tomorrow, you pull a new blog or you publish an article, how can we do to bring thousands of people, for example on this article on this site, on this blog?
Advertising Vs Paid advertising "free"

There are two big parties. You have paid advertising and "free" advertising. Here we will talk about free traffic and free advertising. There are lots of methods that you will see on the internet and you can view each month, often the so-called new miracle method to get you the site. But true methods that will bring you traffic in the long term, it does not exist tremendously.
Let us focus on the "free" advertising, how?

Today we will look at two methods, two methods that are commonly used in today's day.

Method 1: Google and SEO

The first, you know, it's Google. Google SEO. SEO is a method that works. You can, creating a site, receive from Google, hundreds, thousands of visitors to your site by not paying out a single penny. This is a method that works. Personally, I have two sites that are very well referenced naturally and bring me every day thousands of visitors that I do not touch anything or pays a single penny. So it's a method that works.

First drawback: You have to be patient!

By cons, it is a method that has disadvantages. The problem number 1, what is it? The problem number 1 is that it'll have to be patient. When you exit a site, Google will begin to index the pages to index your articles if you have a blog, etc. But it will be something that will take time, that is to say, if you open your site tomorrow, if you want to receive future 1000 free visitors SEO, it's impossible!

It is not possible or when you were Superman in the night. You have created millions of pages of text, something I doubt. There maybe, why not. But even so, it would be difficult. This is the first "inconvenience". You have to be patient.

The second thing is that if you do not have a site at the base, which is not optimized - we refer to this fact in future videos - but if you have a site that is not optimized to receive traffic or optimized for SEO, Google will unfortunately have difficulty navigating your site. He will not put a priority in search results, period.

Second problem: Build a lot of content!

The second disadvantage of this solution is that you create a lot of content. Google, whenever you create an article, for example, it indexes a new page on Google. More pages you create, the more content you create, the more Google will detect it. If today you have a site and that this site for example, you update it once every six months, the Google robot arrives at your site, and detects that the last update that was on this site dates there six months, it will say, "Well, there is nothing new on the site, there is nothing interesting, I'm leaving."

By cons if it happens on your site and it says "Here, there is a new link", "Look, there is new text", "Look, there are new items," "Here, there is new content ", it will index this content and pages are potentially going out in Google search.

So the more content you create, the more it will be valid for this method because you'll have more links that will be indexed and that potentially will lead your visitors. The concern is that you create a lot of content. Personally, sites I that are very well referenced, which bring me thousands of visitors per day, there are thousands of pages of content also created.

So unless you are Superman and create in less than a week or less than a month, thousands of pages of content - be careful because if you "copy and paste", it will not work, - this will be very complicated. So that's the first thing. This works. This works very well if you use it correctly but cons have to be patient. Must be able to create a lot of content.

Method 2: Social networks

The second solution is mainly used today is social networking. Social networks are widely used today and it is a method that also works very well. I will even say better. You can get a lot more traffic when using social networks. Again, use them here correctly.

Example: Facebook

Social networks, personally, it's a method I use a lot, mainly Facebook. Every day, Facebook brings me hundreds or even thousands of visitors for free, targeted visitors where once again I did not need to spend a single penny. I also performed paid campaigns on social networks.



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