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Author Topic: 10 Tips for Starting A successful Blog  (Read 814 times)

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10 Tips for Starting A successful Blog
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:35:40 AM »
[greenalert]1. Lay a good foundation[/greenalert]
Laying a good foundation, will have your blog progress, what i meant by laying a good foundation is that you have a enough resources/capital to publish your blog online, not when your blog is one year old and you don't have the resources to continue its life,

[greenalert]2. Choose the right hosting provider[/greenalert]
There are so many providers there, but choosing the one that match your budget and target is your choice, i recommend Blue Host, HostGator and HostWinds, the listed hosting providers has high quality to keep your blog running 24/7/365 all the time, and they also have budgets that fits your pocket, so it's your choice

[greenalert]3. Choose your passionate niche[/greenalert]
I use the word "passionate" because a lot of bloggers choose a specific niche, because mr a, succeeded in that niche, well they don't know that why mr a succeeded in that niche, was because he was passionate about the niche he's into, so choosing your passionate niche will help you a lot
[greenalert]4. Choose the right domain
[/greenalert]Choosing the right domain name, is a must-do tip, choose your domain according to your niche, for example if you want to run a fashion blog, then choose a fashion-related domain name
[greenalert]5. Be SEO Wise[/greenalert]
This looks simple, but no it's not simple at all, make use of seo plugins also make use of google analytics and the rest of them, so you need to be consious of the one, because traffic gotten from search engines are organic traffic.
[greenalert]6. Be content wise (Content is king)[/greenalert]
The slogan "content is king" is what every blogger must know, writing unique contents and not copy-pasting someone's hardwork will get you rewarded.

[greenalert]7. Include images in every of your blog post[/greenalert]
This tip is the simplest part, you can upload a photo according to what to post, if you don't have a photo, you can google search "free images collection websites" and you will have a varieties of choosing the one you want
[greenalert]8. Make use of social media[/greenalert]
You can generate traffic to your blog by being social on the internet, posting links to facebook, twitter and also creating topics in site like StumbleUpon, Blab, Reddit and even Nairaland

[greenalert]9. Make use of guest posting[/greenalert]
This simply means publishing your post in another blog bigger than yours, that's in same niche, and what's your price?, a source link back to the smaller blog, so these might help alot, because people reading what you have post, will like to click on the source link to view other of your blog posts
[greenalert]10. Design your blog well[/greenalert]
Design your blog look and feel, this helps in reducing bounce rate, because when your site is attractive, you will have returning vistors, from this junction i lift my pen



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