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Author Topic: All the wahala that comes with marrying an oyinbo person  (Read 930 times)

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All the wahala that comes with marrying an oyinbo person
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:30:55 PM »

My dears, you are in for drama when you find love in the arms of an oyinbo person. If itís not drama from your parents, itís from your relations, friends or in-laws. People always seem to have what to say when it comes to people marrying outside their race no matter how normal itís becoming everyday. There is always one person who will be negative. Here are four major things that happen when you get engaged to an oyinbo person:

1. Your parents relate your decision to the greatest betrayals on earth.

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Unless your parents have specifically encouraged you to date other races, your decision to marry an oyinbo person will come as a shock. How the news will be received depends on how dramatic your parents can be.

Some will go silent as a mouse and refuse to say anything on the matter, while others will call your living relatives and ask where they went wrong with you. They will also ask you what they did to deserve you marrying an oyinbo person and what they can do to change your mind. Or threaten to do something drastic if you donít change your mind.

2. Everyone wants to know what is wrong other eligible Nigerians you could have married.

This is also part of your parents reaction. Before they accept that love can be found anywhere, they will want to know why it wasnít found in the arms of a Nigerian man.

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They will want to know if that is what they sent you abroad to do; to look for a husband there. They will ask you about past friends and boyfriend/girlfriends and why those ones canít be the chosen one. Then they will ask you what is so special with the person you have chosen apart from the fact that they are white. Get ready to answer plenty jamb questions.

3. Your friends will want to know how good they are in bed.

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Yes, black men are said to be the greatest in bed so once you say you want to spend your life with someone who is not black, your fiends will be curious.

They will want to know if your oyinbo boo is greater or just as great in bed or if you are boring and have chosen to be getting mediocre sex till the day you die.

Girls are brutally honest at times and will ask you straight up. As for the guys, they will wonder if the oyinbo lady can cook as good as Nigerian women or if their friend has decided he will end bland food forever. All these are stereotypes of course, and if you fall in love with someone enough to marry them, they are automatically the best everything you have ever had.

4. People want to know if it is for love or for the love of citizenship.

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Yes, people will be curious. Whether you both look like models or perhaps one of you is finer than the other, people will still want to know if itís for love or for love of a citizenship.

Sure, marrying a citizen of your dream country is an easy way to get a citizenship, but not everyone takes marriage so lightly. People do fall in love and then the citizenship is an added bonus.

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