Author Topic: Fresh Videos Show Two Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bursting into Flames in Korea  (Read 203 times)

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At first glance, it might seem that Samsung’s global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 did more harm than good to the company than the faulty units, as there are a lot more reports of exploding phones now when the program is almost over than it happened before the actual recall.
Two of the most recent cases come from Samsung’s home market where Galaxy Note 7 phones were spotted bursting into flames in public places, one in a Burger King fast-food restaurant and another one in Daejon Hanwha Life Eagles Park.

Information on these two cases is still limited for the time being, but the videos below show the phones emitting smoke and getting the screen burned on the left side, just like all the other units that caught fire before.

It’s not yet clear if these are replacement units or defective units that were recalled, but given the fact that they’re both in Korea, there are big chances that these are phones that are marked as safe. Confirmation, however, is not available right now.

More explosions
Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not only explodes but it also causes injuries to owners, as two other separate cases reported this weekend led to more serious consequences.

The buyer of a Note 7 from Kentucky ended up in the hospital after he started “vomiting black” due to smoke inhalation caused by the phone which caught fire in his bedroom. A 13-year-old girl also suffered minor burns to her thumbs after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 she owned exploded in her hands in Minnesota. Both cases involved safe Note 7 units that were received as part of the global recall started by Samsung.

The South Korean firm didn’t comment too much on all these cases and only said that it was investigating. A second recall, however, seems to be more of a possibility now that safe units have started exploding too.


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