Author Topic: These two brothers undergo mysterious transformation as soon as the sun goes dow  (Read 67 times)

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A severe disease often makes doctors feel powerless. The treatment search gets even more challenging when it comes to paralysis.

Two young Pakistani boys have suffered from an inexplicable illness since their childhood. As soon as the sun goes down, these two absolutely normal and healthy kids become completely paralyzed, and doctors have no idea why this is happening.

Abdul Rasheed and Ahmed Shoaib are brothers who live with their family in Pakistan. At first glance, these boys, 9 and 13, are like any other kids, but in fact they suffer from an inexplicable disorder.

The brothers are quite active during the day, but at night they collapse into a vegetative state. Their bodies get completely paralyzed, and they’re unable to speak, eat or move.

The brothers’ father consulted different doctors many times. The boys have undergone more than 300 clinical analyses and tests, but their state still poses a challenge to medical science.

In desperation, the father has turned to religion. He believes that his sons are victims of black magic. Desperate to cure the disease, the man constantly takes the boys to spiritual healers. However, this approach also gives no results.

Doctors suggest that it’s not black magic, but some sort of genetic disease. The parents of Abdul Rasheed and Ahmed Shoaib are cousins, and two of their six children had died at a young age.

The father calls his sons “solar children”, believing that they get energy from the Sun and suffer from its lack at night. Of course, this isn’t the case since the boys can spend all day in a dark room or in a shady place outdoor. But what is the real cause of this mysterious condition?

Unfortunately, science is powerless in this case! At the moment, doctors can offer these boys no medical treatment. The condition of the brothers is precarious, so the family continues to look for the answer to this riddle.