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Author Topic: UNBELIEVABLE: Liberian journalist writes open letter to President Buhari,You Wil  (Read 27 times)

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My name is Mike Jabateh, a Liberian journalist based in Monrovia. It is with unrequited love that I write this letter to you, my dear President, it must be expressed in an abundance of words and alliterations. I am here to publicly express my  greatest desire for marrying your Daughter Ms Zahra Buhari, the most eloquent, modest and most beautiful lady in the whole wide world.  For Ms Zahra is the personification of a complete creation of the Almighty.

My admiration and respect for your great family goes way back about 15 years, and it is my dream to be a son in law of the Buhari family. The Royal family of Africa. I am taking this time to beg you to indulge me in your thoughts as I put forth my humble weakness of words to embolden my sword and to sway your heart in allowing me to marry your beautiful daughter Princess Zahra for the Sake of Allah. The love and respect i have for Princess Zahra is uncontrollable in my heart. Due to this great love, i am unable to concentrate on my Sallah as princess Zahra is on my mind 24/7. I have not been sleeping for the past 8 months for Princess Zahra business on my mind. I am going insane. I need your help. I can not imagine spending the rest of my life on this earth without Princess Zahra being my respectful, wedded  wife in Islam, and I am ready to forsake entry to the heavens for the love of Princess Zahra

I promise to protect her for she is a peaceful dove. I have the wings of a mighty angel to shield her and hide her from the strife of life. I will provide for her as a respectful and a loyal husband should. The bounty of the earth will be hers, she will want for nothing for I can plow and plant for your honorable daughter. I will be a loyal and respectful husband to her all of my life or you may pluck out my eyes for I only have eyes for her. With the state of my mind today, I wonder about my tomorrow, I am afraid of going crazy due to my love and respect for Princess Zahra. Please return my joy to me, Mr President. Be the reason for my sanity again as right now i can not think of anything else but your honorable and modest daughter Princess Zahra. I await your favorable reply that princess Zahra and I are meant for each other, as her smile is my sword. Yours sincerely, Mr. Mike Jabateh

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