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Author Topic: Fresh Ebola fears as passenger flying from Nigeria to JFK dies after vomiting  (Read 429 times)

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A 63-year-old man died while on a flight from Nigeria to New York after vomiting profusely, triggering Ebola fear among other passengers.

However, after a ?cursory? exam by the CDC, it was finally discovered he did not have the Ebola Virus.

The passenger boarded an Arik Air plane out of Lagos, Nigeria, on Wednesday night, but passed away before the plane reached its final destination.

According to Daily Mail Online UK, Flight attendants called the CDC, Port Authority and customs officials, who then boarded the plane as it touched down, constraining 145 nervous passengers to remain on board.

Subsequently, tests were conducted by the authorities on the body and it was only a short evaluation that suggested he did not have the deadly virus.

According to The New York Post, the unidentified man?s remains was then handed over to the Port Authority who evacuated it from the plane, with the CDC allegedly providing little information on how to deal with the body.

A Republican Congressman, Peter King in a letter on Thursday to the Department of Homeland Security wrote: ?It was what I was told after a cursory examination. The Port Authority cops and personnel from Customs and Border Protection were there, and they were told there was no danger because the person did not have Ebola?, King said.

?But their concern was, how could you tell so quickly? And what adds to the concern is how wrong the CDC has been over the past few weeks.?

Furthermore, his letter demanded that Homeland Security needs to strengthen protocols before reaching the screening location ? concerned of what happens to potentially infected passengers in flight and at the terminal itself.

?These individuals transit the airport with the rest of the traveling population, including using the restrooms?, he added.