Author Topic: WhatsApp Update Windows Phone App with Finally Cloud Backup features  (Read 2267 times)

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If youíre a long-time Windows Phone user, you probably know that WhatsApp is one of the companies that are continuously improving their app on Microsoftís mobile platform with new options, but there was at least one feature that was missing when compared to the Android and iOS counterparts.

Cloud backup for messages and data was offered on iOS and Android already, but for some reason, it was missing from the Windows Phone version, which didnít make any sense at all given the fact that WhatsApp was so keen on getting its app right.

But it turns out that the firm is now working on adding this feature for Windows Phone users too, as OneDrive cloud backup support is currently available in the latest beta version.

This means that your conversations can be safely stored in the cloud should you want so, and in case you want to move to a new phone, restoring them should be easy as pie.

Different cloud services on each platform
The only problem with cloud message backup in WhatsApp is that each client comes with support for different services on each platform, so while Windows Phone users can back up their data to OneDrive, Android users have to turn to Google Drive, while those on iPhones must use iCloud.

And although such an implementation does make sense, itís a little bit troublesome if you want to migrate from one platform to another, say from iPhone to Android, because this way thereís no option to save your conversations in a cloud service that exists on both.

On the other hand, there are third-party apps out there that can do that for you, but thereís no doubt a direct implementation that would make such a transition easier would come in a lot handier.

In the meantime, itís good to see OneDrive support being added to WhatsApp for Windows Phone and weíre looking forward to the moment when public users get it too.


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