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6 achievements of President Buhari as military ruler
« on: September 10, 2016, 06:06:09 PM »

When Muhammadu Buhari, former military ruler, became a democratically elected president many Nigerians believed that  he is a changed man, who will find a way to tackle the countryís intense corruption and security challenges without amplifying the insurgency or triggering a political crisis and power struggle.

During his inauguration speech the president promised to end Boko Haram insurgency, launch war against corruption and revive Nigeriaís economy.
However, one year after some Nigerians, opposition Peoples Democratic Party criticise President Buhariís approach to governance, claiming that he is more a dictator, but not a democrat.

But was Buhariís tenure as military ruler so bad? lists 6 achievements of the military government of General Buhari.

1. Corrupt civilian governors, ministers and other officials of the Shehu Shagari government were all rounded up by Buhari.

2. War Against Indiscipline (WAI ) is probably not the positive achievement of General. Many Nigerians will not forget biting their fingers and desperately preventing a tear from dropping. At that time many people pray that a miracle will happen and WAI Brigades do not catch them.

3. Queue culture. The government forced Nigerians to imbibe the queue culture in public places.

4. Nationalism and patriotism.

The third phase of the implementing WAI was focused on matters of nationalism and patriotism (including respect for the flag and National Anthem), while the fourth phase focused on total war against saboteurs and all facets of corruption.

5. Buhariís regime also managed to reduce inflation, rejected all International Monetary Fund conditionalities, such as the devaluing the naira, sharply reduced unnecessary imports, minimized oil bunkering and when bunkered oil was seized, he used it to get relevant commodities, equipment and machinery using the counter trade policy.

6. There was also an unexpected creation of new notes to halt currency smuggling and there was substantial refinancing of trade debt arrears.



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