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Author Topic: 20 Reasons Why You should Start A Blog  (Read 368 times)

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20 Reasons Why You should Start A Blog
« on: August 12, 2016, 07:06:43 AM »

1. You Will Acquire New Skills: With blogging you will know at least basics about HTML, content writing, content marketing, social media analysis and many more. Funny enough, you will be learning all these unknowingly to you.

2. You will be more creative: With your newly acquired skills and knowledge, you will be more creative not just in blogging but in every aspect of your life.

3. You will have your own audience: Your content will definitely attract readers/followers that will automatically become your audience.

4. You will be more confident: Having your own audience will definitely increase the way you see yourself because you know they are expecting something from you.

5. You will be better in thinking: Knowing fully well that your audience expectations must satisfied, you will start thinking in a better way that will enhance your inspiration and delivery.

6. You will be better in writing: Yes, better thinking and reasoning will influence better writing skills.

7. You will stand out among your equals: In my school, most people preferred calling me ‘blogger‘ than my real name, the same thing is applicable to other bloggers, your fellow mates will either call you by your cybername, blog name, nickname or any other name related to your blogging career.

8. You will inspire others: Your success stories, facing hard times & difficulties, rising above equals will definitely inspire your followers and everyone around you.

9. You will be happy: I feel so happy anytime I receive a positive feedback from my readers as comments, direct messages, calls, etc. At the same time, I also feel accomplished because I am having a positive impact on others.

10. You will have new friends and meet new people: I have friends and partners that we do talk most often online than offline because of the relationships my blogs have made me to build online and even offline. I have also been chanced to talk to several people that I wouldn’t have been able to get close to not to talk of them listening to what I want to say in both private & public places.

11. You promote your real self: I use my personal life experiences, hobbies and so on to write, which is actually promoting my real self. At least, my readers can say one or two things about my real life without seeing me even for once.

12. You can influence the entire public: Top bloggers like Japheth Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji, Bella and so on are really influencing the public with their write ups. Government, corporate bodies or companies can blend their policies because of the power of media that bloggers are holding.
Nosagie Nosa-Ero of Techrez once shared ‘how Tecno mobile had to change their policy’ concerning their gadgets review that is not in favour of ‘Non-lagos-based bloggers’ because of him.

13. You build credibility with blogging: if you are also into career/business, having a blog where you write about it will boost your credibility because people will trust you the most and rely on you.
I don’t need to question a seller that has a blog where I can read everything about his items.

14. You can aid causes with your blog: #savemayowa is one of the causes that were dragged online alongside with bloggers of recent. You can save lives, help people with your blog by aiding good causes.

15. You will help others: Part of the earlier mentioned reason is that you can also help other in numerous ways with your blog via promotions, reviews, interviews, your write ups, etc.

16. You help yourself: Writing about your personal problems will easily attract possible solutions from your readers as feedback and replies.

17. You document your life: Personal blogs serve as personal journals and diaries. You write about your personal life everyday. When you grow older, you can read about your growing up, the beautiful moments of your life etc.

18. You can be offered deals: Tech and fashion bloggers know how this works, companies will contact them for deals which they will be using their blogs to promote their products. These deals can last for a short period of time or lifetime.

19. You can make money: Either #1 or millions of $$$, money is money.

20. It’s free & fun: Yes, you can start your own blog for free or pay for hosting, domain name and other services which are optional. Also, blogging is fun.

Now that you’ve realized the benefits of blogging and Why You Need to Start a Blog, you can start yours now.



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