Author Topic: Google Maps Updated With WiFi Only Mode and Offline Maps to SD Cards Features  (Read 165 times)

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Back in June, we reported that Google was testing new features in its Maps application, namely tools that regarded WiFi Only mode on offline maps that could be transferred to SD cards. The new features would allow users to save space on their smartphones and make sure they don't use up their mobile data.
Google announced that it started rolling out new features to its Google Maps application. The WiFi Only mode would allow users to set Google Maps to only work when connected to WiFi, so that they could save up on mobile data and use Maps offline.

Basically, users could enable mobile data on their smartphones for accessing other applications, while Google Maps stays passive and doesn't take up mobile data.

The second feature that Google introduced is the option for users to save maps to their SD cards while in offline mode. The feature would allow users to save up space on their smartphones and save offline maps to the SD card.

Google also introduced some expanded commuting abilities, users would be able to compare ride services like Uber, together with additional transportation services like GO-JEK and Grab rides.

In addition, Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi also got expanded availability inside the Google Maps app. The improvements are only visible to users from outside the US, mainly in European and Asian markets.

Not long ago, Google Maps added support for areas of interest, which would allow users to see which area in the city is the most populated and where most activities are organized.