Author Topic: Google Launches Notifications Features to Warn About Account Sign-Ins  (Read 210 times)

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Google has announced that it has started rolling out a new security feature to Google accounts, one that would send direct notifications to users when a new device is activated. The new feature is already on its way to Android devices.

Google already offers security features like 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On options to users who connect to their accounts on multiple devices. However, the Mountain View-based giant understands that it's important for users to get real-time information on their account activity.

The new notifications will provide on-screen warnings whenever a new device is connected to the user's account. In addition, users will have the option to review their account activity and check information on added accounts, locations, and other details.

Details on the browser used for connecting, the time and the IP address are also provided. If the user finds any suspicious activity on their account, they can have Google secure their information so that it doesn't get lost or stolen. Notifications can be dismissed easily, just like any other alerts received on Android phones.

The post states that this new feature will increase transparency regarding actions that users have performed and will allow them to flag suspicious activity. In addition, Google found that, with Android notifications, users are four times more likely to review the information compared to email notifications. This isn't surprising, since unexpected emails aren't always opened and read.

Google has already started the public rollout of this new feature, and it has mentioned that it might take more than 14 days to arrive to certain users. The feature will roll out to both Rapid and Scheduled releases. Just recently, Google launched the latest Android Security Bulletin with multiple patched flaws and fixes.