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Author Topic: How You Can Prevent Your Charger Or Headphones From Bending And Breaking  (Read 383 times)

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Are you tired of buying new chargers or headphones for your phone? Then check out this useful hack for preventing your smartphone charger, headphones, and other cords from fraying or breaking, causing them to stop working on your phone.

From my experience, I discovered that most cables are able to twist and break while kept untouched in the bag or when used roughly. After going through my share of expensive cables with self-destructing powers, I became extremely careful of how I stored and used them. Yet, I still managed to bust these cables every few months.

And then I realized this simple trick using the spring from old ballpoint pen as support to my weak charger cables and headphones to give them more life and prevents it from bending.

How is it done?

How to prevent your charger or headphones from bending too much and breaking

▪Just grab the spring out from any of your old ballpoint pen

▪Then stretch it and wrap it around the part of the cord that tends to bend, and itílll keep it straight forever

▪This will stop it from wearing down over years.

That's all! Very simple, easy and straightforward hack your not aware of, works like magic. I hope you find it useful, if you do please take your time to share with others.