Author Topic: Google adds Sharing Links and Joining Group Conversations features to hangout  (Read 181 times)

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Google has prepared a new update to Hangouts, but version 11 isn't live for everyone, and there are some reports on new features that users could expect to see. Version 11 comes with enabled video messaging and the removal of merged SMS and chat conversations. However, it seems that another new feature is available, and it just needs a server-side switch so that users can access it.
The new feature will allow users to create and share links in any group conversation. It's the same feature that WhatsApp is expected to implement, but it seems that Hangouts has beat the messaging application to the punch.

Specifically, Hangouts will now allow users to share links in any group conversation inside the application. Users simply need to access the People & options section in a group chat and enable Joining by link toggle. The feature will allow users to invite people to conversations, even though they aren't in the Hangouts contact list.

The link can be sent to multiple users, and it comes with the option to share within Hangouts, email it, send it in a text message or whatever other application. The new feature also allows users to search for group chats by name. The feature is available on Android and should reach iOS soon.

Version 11 of Hangouts has already started rolling out, but it might take a few days until it reaches everyone. Still, the new version is available in the form of an APK file.