Author Topic: 3 ways you can use Google Analytics to greatly improve your website  (Read 553 times)

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Below we’ll show you four different ways to you can use Google Analytics to greatly improve your website and conversion rates.
Let’s get to it.

1. Do Continuous Testing

Google Content Experiments is a tool within the analytics platform that allows you to test varying aspect of your website to see which changes will improve your conversion rates.
Split-testing is the only way to know for sure which changes will tangibly improve your website.

To run a content experiment navigate to the section of your analytics dashboard viaBehavior>Experiments, as shown below:

Then, name the experiment, create an objective, and set up the area of your website you’d like to test.
Common elements you’ll want to test include:
• Your headlines
• The size and color of your CTA/CTA buttons
• Landing page copy
• Overall page verbiage
• Font-size
Make sure that when you’re running a test you only test for a single variable at a given time.

2. Know What Devices Readers Are Using

It’s important to know which devices your users are utilizing to access your website. For instance, if most visitors are using their iPads to view your site, yet you know your site performs poorly on this screen size, then fixing your site will lead to an increase in user experience.
This data can be found within the Audience>Mobile>Overview section of your analytics dashboard.

Take note of any devices or screen resolutions that are the most commonly used, and make sure your website performs well across these. Remember, most user preferences are shifting towards mobile. This might not be true for your market, but it is true for most.

3. Measure Site Speed

Site speed can effectively kill your conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction. Most users will expect your site to load quickly, so it’s important to decrease your overall website loading speeds.