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On page optimization is your own way of talking to search crawler software... As per not disappointing the crawlers when they come calling at your page. Google bots work with keywords, thus, whenever they crawl a page, they look out for what makes that page spectacular.

To support your on-page seo, here are a few angles of your post to really look out for.

[greenalert]1. LSI variations...[/greenalert]

Now when you want to write a post and you are targeting the keyword how to make money

First off, do a Google search of that term, you will get the LSI variations.

These are those suggestions at the bottom page of search results, they can be (how to make money fast, hot to make money online, how to make money quickly.....)

Now write your post while including all these terms in one way or the other. For high readability, use shorter sentences, make sure your keyword is in your first paragraph... Then scatter the keyword and the LSI inside the body of the post... But don't make it excess....

[redalert]2. H1 H2 tags.[/redalert]

Bots read commands, and H1 means higher priority, H2 is lower than H1, H3 is lower than H2... That's how it continues as per hierarchy.

Your post title is H1 by default...

Other parts of the post are 'normal'... Those who use ckeditor should have observed this.

Make sure you use H2 for all your sub topics... When they bots see H2, they understand that this particular stuff is important. But you can't use h1 because it will confuse them on what exactly your topic/Post title is...

[yellowalert]3. Image optimization:[/yellowalert]

Use your keywords to save your image... That is, image name/title e.g. how-to-make-money

Never use a space, so the bots don't read them separately, use the - so they understand that this is all in one

After uploading your image, you will see a place for alt text, put in the keywords the same way, without space

[redalert]4. Url optimization...[/redalert]

Do not let WordPress choose your URL for you after every post, choose it yourself...

Your URL must have your keywords.

(Please note that to target a certain country, you have to talk or write like them, some countries use 'purchase'
[bluealert]5. First paragraph[/bluealert]

As I earlier stated, your first paragraph should have your keyword, it is the first thing the bots crawl, they should not be disappointed.

Pro tip... Write the whole first paragraph in H2

[yellowalert]6. Word count.[/yellowalert]

The more, the better, we already know this

[greenalert]7. Title optimization.[/greenalert]
Make sure your keywords are in your title, and at the beginning of the title.

How to make money online

Don't take things far

Are you broke? See how to make cash

[redalert]8. Meta tags/title..[/redalert]

This summary must have your keywords and some LSI variants, squeezed into 150 characters. It is the brief summary of your post people see when they do a Google search

After following these 8 steps, beg two or more relevant blogs with high DA for 2 or more backlinks, crawl your post through webmaster... And relax.

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