Author Topic: 4 Reasons why you should Get Rid Of Your Ex  (Read 186 times)

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4 Reasons why you should Get Rid Of Your Ex
« on: July 01, 2016, 01:18:22 AM »

Here are four reasons why you need to be totally open with your ex:

[redalert]1. Your Ex Will Believe There Is A Chance Until You Tell Them Otherwise: [/redalert]
An ex who comes to you after having an “epiphany” wherein they decide they are a new person and that you need to give your relationship with the “new them” a second chance, feel very strongly that their epiphany is a truth. They believe with absolute certainty that what they feel is the right thing for both of you. When you respond to an ex in this situation, then, you must keep any measure of ambiguity out of your response. It is imperative that you are clear.

[yellowalert]2. You Are Not Sparing Your Ex’s Feelings: [/yellowalert]
As I indicated above, you need to be totally upfront and honest with your ex about everything at the first sign that they are seeking to try to reconcile with you. You are doing no one any favors when you “protect an ex’s feelings” by not being totally upfront with them. When you fail to be totally open and honest with your ex, you are not protecting them from hurt. You are instead causing them more hurt because you are not making it clear to your ex that there will be no second chance together.

[greenalert]3. You Are Hurting Yourself:[/greenalert]
It is also important for you to completely let your past with your ex go in order for you to move forward and have the love that you really deserve. When you allow an ex who has invaded your space to linger there, you are causing yourself a lot of unnecessary hurt and preventing yourself from progressing on your own emotional path.

[bluealert]4. You Are Causing Damage To Your Current Relationship:[/bluealert]
You need to also remember that each time an ex invades your space, it hurts the sacred space you are forming with the person with whom you are currently in a relationship. The only result for you when an ex invades the sacred space you’ve set up with a new person, is that stress will be brought into your life and your current relationship for no reason at all.



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