Author Topic: 5 reasons why Iphone is better than android  (Read 600 times)

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5 reasons why Iphone is better than android
« on: June 16, 2016, 12:47:43 PM »

For a long time iPhones have been handsets of choice for the most demanding customers. In fact, as far as smartphones are concerned, the name “iPhone” may be used as a synonym of “quality”. If you like stylish devices, iPhone is the definition of classy.

The same can’t be said about phones running other platforms, though. While there are many great Android and Windows Phone devices, some actually look and feel like cheap toys. If quality and design does not convince you to choose iPhone over Android Smartphone or Windows Phone, here are five more reasons to do so.

1) Hardware Durability

The reality of the matter is that some Android and Windows phones are considerably more moderate that iPhones; in any case, lower cost has its cost as well. With a specific end goal to hold costs within proper limits, makers use delicate materials which can be effortlessly harmed. Accordingly, your phone may not keep going the length of you would need it to. With iOS phones you can make certain that they will serve you for quite a while. Their metal bodies are substantially more solid and can withstand day by day hardships with no issue.

2) Software Consistency

When you decide that you want an iOS phone, you won’t have much choice in terms of smartphone brands. With iOS available only on iPhones, at first you may feel that your options are very limited. This, however, can be a good thing, since you won’t be distracted by the multitude of brands and models and you will be able to focus on more important things.Additionally, when you purchase an iPhone, you recognize what's in store, following the experience is fundamentally the same over all Apple devices.

3) Easy to use

From the first iPhone that hit the market, Apple concentrated on keeping things straightforward and helpful. With its instinctive interface, iOS is arguably the easiest to use of all platforms that have ever been developed. Apple is resolved to keep the experience spotless and clear, not at all like different makes who packs their phones full with a group of cool features half of which you will most likely never utilize.

4) Unity of the system

Apple doesn't permit any third-party input into iOS, implying that all applications,service and programs are produced just by Apple. This guarantees that all elements of the system are compatible and complement each other.Therefore, iOS is more steady and more shielded from infections and malware than on account of Android which is open for third-party applications.

5) Upgrades

Apple keeps regular upgrade cycles with major updates released usually once a year. iOS upgrades are available to users for free without unnecessary delays. Upgrading Android phones is not that easy and takes weeks or even months. Some models will never be upgraded simply because hardware couldn’t take it. With Windows Phone the situation is even more complicated.



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