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Author Topic: 10 Things Men should be aware off Before Marriage proposal to a woman  (Read 206 times)

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At times, men have difficulty understanding the woman they love. When preparing for marriage, here are some things to know to save yourself from a post “I do” shock.

1. Girls fart too

Sometimes we even sweat and smell. This one comes straight from my mother, who is the sweetest and seemingly least gross person you will ever meet.

2. We don’t understand ourselves

We are constantly changing; it’s in our nature as human beings and as women. So you can’t expect the woman you marry to stay the same exact person for the next 50 years. That would be boring anyway.

3. Our period can make us monstrous

It may make us mean, or it might not affect us at all. But here’s a hint: Don’t ever blame anything on it, and don’t suggest we “take something” for it. That’s just not going to go over well.

4. We expect you to be a mind reader sometimes

So ask how we’re feeling. Ask how our day went, and if our sister really ended up dating that one guy. Things like this will make us feel that you not only notice the little details, but care about them as well.

5. When we say that we’re sorry, we are

Help build us up, not tear us down, and we’ll do the same.

6. Women’s haircuts are waaaay more expensive than yours

Sometimes our clothes are, too. Don’t expect to understand why. We’ll try to explain it to you, and some men might understand, while some might not. We don’t like it either!

7. We will not always speak the same language

And I’m not talking about English vs. Finnish here. I’m referring to Love Languages. There’s a whole book about it. Trying to be affectionate in a language someone doesn’t speak isn’t going to get a message across very well. So it’s well worth it to learn how we want to be given love and affection.

8. When we compliment you, we mean it!

Pay attention. One of my pet peeves is when my husband is distracted when I tell him something meaningful and I really want him to hear it. Those little somethings mean your woman loves you.

9. We will probably deal with money differently than you

Everyone budgets differently. Maybe one of you is more tight with money. This will be an issue that is wise to address sooner rather than later. Lay it all out on the table.

10. We will love you even when you are having a bad day

Everyone has weaknesses and struggles, and admitting them is hard. It is not a weak person who apologizes and forgives; that is a sign of strength. If you’ve chosen the right woman, she’ll pick you back up when you are down.
To not disenchant anyone from getting married, I do think women are a very lovely and agreeable half of our race. And as Oscar Wilde once said, “Women are made to be loved, not understood.”



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