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Author Topic: how to start recharge card printing business  (Read 178 times)

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how to start recharge card printing business
« on: May 22, 2016, 05:22:46 PM »
Who else want to start recharge card/voucher printing business? but still find it difficult to start the business.
This is golden opportunity for you all, start recharge card/voucher printing business with us now and begin to make endless cash for life, remember this business is open for everybody, itís legal and real.
After you have gotten our materials we will link you up with our dealer that sells cheapest in Nigeria now to guarantee your financial success because there is much gain in recharge card/voucher printing business now.
1. Computer
2. Printer
3. Papers
4. Software
5. E-mail address
6. Internet connection
7. Start up capital
It can be any computer laptop, desktop, notebook etc. i always advice people to start this business using computer method and is not compulsory that you must own computer before you start, you can start with any computer even in a cyber cafe, business centre or any computer in your office, home etc.
You need printer to start this business which can be laser jet, deskjet (coloured or black and white) You donít need to own printer before you can start because you can start in any business centre but having your own printer is additional advantage.
Papers are compulsory, because for you to start this business you need to print this pins in paper which can be A3 or A4 before you can sale out the vouchers out.
Software is compulsory, for you to print and sale this voucher you need a software because the dealer will send you the pin number you paid for in encrypt form where the pin will be coded with the serial number it is the work of the software to separate the pin from the serial number and for you to understand the pin and print them out, if you get our material we will give you two softwares you can start with immediately.
E-mail and internet is considered compulsory if you are buying your pins from dealer that is far from you example you live in Abuja and want to from dealer in Lagos that means you need e-mail where they can send you the encrypt pins after you have paid for it and you will need internet to open your e-mail inbox.
But now we have compile all dealers contacts in Nigeria that means you can from the dealer in your state any where you are in Nigeria their is a dealer or dealers around you which you can work direct to their office and pay and collect the encrypt pins numbers and go to your office or home and print them out with your computer.
Start up capital is compulsory, for you to go into this business you need money which you will use to for the pins from the dealers which you can start with as low as N5,000 or N10,000 or above, remember the higher the money you put the higher the gains you will expect.
* You can make Between N10,000 to N50,000 if you start in small scale.
* You can make Between N50,000 to N250,000 if you start in medium scale.
* You can make Between N250,000 to N1,000,0000 or above if you start in large scale.
the ebook goes for #4000
for more information call this no.07030929561

Office address: no,1 cele way, off owolabi,cele egbe bustop,ikotun road,ikotun,lagos.

Phone no: 07030929561



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