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Author Topic: 9 guaranteed ways to make a Nigeria girl fall and stay in love with you  (Read 222 times)

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So hereís a list of what we expect from you men to get us to legit fall and stay in love with you.

Have a relationship with God:
You cannot say you donít believe in God and expect us to think you are normal. If we tell you we donít believe in God as well you had better wake up at 1am to see what angle our legs are on the wall. Most Nigerians are raised to believe in the supremacy of God, that there is a higher being and we reverence Him.

Know how to pray:
There is nothing sexier than a man who can get on his knees and give honor to the most High. Seeing our man pray/seeking God is sexy. All that gra gra you men be doing, like youíre too big to be bowing before God.

Be truthful/Honest:
Have some integrity- period!
Be intelligent: We all love a man who is smart. Matter of fact Naija girls love watching their man amongst a group of men speak intelligently over versatile issues. I however donít mean in an over sabi, Iím always right kind of way. We watch you and secretly smile, hi-fiving ourselves saying ďYup, thatís my babyĒ.

Be Kind and Generous:
I donít mean be footing our bills up and down when we are not even married. Yes, we expect our man to give if, and when he can. Shower your woman with what you can afford. If you can comfortably afford a N20000 bag as a gift for your lady, but you now decide to buy a N2000 bag for her Ė I have to ask you why? Most girls can deduce their manís pocket at some point and will know if you are being stingy.

Be hard working:
Hey couch potato, get up and get working. Find something doing no matter how small. ďI donít believe in working for someone, I want to be my own bossĒ; this is fine as long as you have the resources to start and sustain a business. You can build a business on the side while earning a steady income. Please, Please, Please, a lazy man is a turn off! And this applies to you men who want to marry a girl for her daddyís money. Everyone can tell including the girl, her family, your friends, & family Ė You will never be respected! Donít be a houseboy in your own marriage.

Bedroom matters:
I donít know how youíre going to do this but please satisfy your woman in bed. Hereís a public service announcement: Women have orgasms too. Donít go and be doing like tolo-tolo there and be done in 1 minute. Read books on sex or something. Just strive to be way better than mediocre. Talk to your woman. Get rid of that colonial thinking that a woman who knows what she wants in bed is loose. You should be happy actually.

Be a great family man:
For the yet to be married men, we want to see you be a great son to your parents, a fantastic brother to your siblings. And if youíre married already Ė make your wife and children a priority. One of my aunts once told me that her husband was a shitty husband but the best father her kids could ever ask for, and because of that, she remains in the marriage and is quick to forgive his errors when she sees how dedicated he is to their children.

Dress well:
If you know you donít know how to dress, please take your closest female friend to the mall with you and admit you need help. Your outward appearance is the first thing we see. Especially if you are not handsome, respect yourself jejely and please give us something to work with. Look, walk, act suave.

Be an asset to us:
I donít mean this monetarily. If the relationship ends today Ė let there be something great that we will miss about you. Let there be a very visible positive difference/growth in my life when youíre in it. You canít however help me grow if you are not growing in someone way either. Iron sharpens Iron.



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