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Author Topic: 10 things you must not say to a woman on a date  (Read 245 times)

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10 things you must not say to a woman on a date
« on: May 13, 2016, 12:23:04 AM »

Have you ever taken a lady out on a date, you are dying to see her again and she declines?
Well, you may have made a mistake or upset her so much that she would never consider giving you another chance.

It may be bugging to know what may have gone down along the line, even though you didn't see anything wrong on your first date.

Research says it is almost always something the man says that makes the woman unenthusiastic about seeing him for another date.

Julie Spira of Your Tango lists 10 things that are major turn offs for women and men should never say them especially on a first date

Are those really your breasts?:
Sure we know that men are physical and that they undress women with their eyes when they first meet. Thatís fine. Regardless of whether sheís wearing a terrific push-up bra or went under the knife, avoid any comments about a womanís breasts. Even if you believe itís innocent, women do not.

I have a body like a Ferrari:
Donít laugh, but one gentleman wanted to prove to his date why he should be considered as younger than his accurate age that was posted on his online dating profile. While waiting in line for coffee, he described in great detail about his athletic abilities and work-out schedule at the gym. As soon as she heard him compare himself to a Ferrari, she wanted to go home.

Iíve been on this site too long:
We know that online dating is a numbers game, but if you havenít met anyone online in years that led to a significant relationship, either youíre a serial dater or are way too picky. Either way, a woman will not think you are relationship material.

What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?:
Itís just a first date. Keep the conversation light and easy. If a woman asked a man the same question, heíd run off in a New York minute. Women, like men, donít like the pressure either. Itís a date, not a deposition.

I donít believe in marriage.:
Although a woman isnít ordering her bridal gown on a first date, more often than not, she hopes the relationship will go the distance if thereís a spark. If you tell her you have commitment problems, she wonít want to be the one to change you.

Iíll call you:
Donít say youíre going to call to be polite. Women donít buy the line of ďIíll call you.Ē Itís simple, but true when they say that actions do speak louder than words. If youíre truly interested, pull out your iPhone and put another date on the calendar at the end of your first date. It will give you both something to look forward to and will show that you are a man of your word.

Youíre so hot:
You will think it, but find another way to compliment her. If she looks sexy, tell her you like her dress, shiny hair, or smile. Flatter from the neck up only before you get into the bedroom. ďHotĒ means ďsexĒ right now to a woman. She may prefer being courted a little bit longer.

I had a vasectomy:
Does she really need to know on the first date? Unless she makes a point of representing that sheís looking for children, sheíll think you want to have sex without a condom. Not acceptable.

Iím best friends with my ex:
Weíre happy there wasnít a War of the Roses style divorce, but she wonít want to be lower on the totem pole than your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend in the long term. Sheíll be happy if you set appropriate boundaries.

Do you want to split the check?:
Yes, dating can be expensive and doesn't have a money-back guarantee. If itís your first date, a man should pick up the check. Itís just the way it works in the dating world. You donít need to pick the swankiest spot in town, but donít expect her to date you again if its ďDutchĒ treat. She has plenty of friends to go out with that fit into that category.



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