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Author Topic: 10 Dirty Secrets you should know About Marriage  (Read 458 times)

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10 Dirty Secrets you should know About Marriage
« on: April 08, 2016, 01:51:49 AM »

I believe the images we see about relationships have too many extremes; one is extremely romanticized and the other is extremely dysfunctional. It?s time we start getting real about marriage and relationships, so we have the proper perspective. And to help, here are 10 dirty little secrets that exist in even the best relationships.

1) Sometimes, you get on each other?s nerves

Yep, if you put two imperfect people together long enough eventually differences will ignite minor spats about minor things that might turn major. This doesn?t mean the relationship is bad, and as long as you have good communication skills, you?ll get through them without much strife.

2) Sometimes s*x is the last thing on your mind

Yes, a man said it! Sometimes in real life where there are real responsibilities, s*x gets pushed to the back burner. It doesn?t mean you don?t love each other, it just means you have to become conscious about making it a priority again.

3) Sometimes the best moments are spent doing nothing

Just because a married couple embraces moments of nothingness, it doesn?t mean marriage is boring or the couple is headed for divorce. Sometimes between work, kids and life, couples embrace those moments of nothingness and a little sleep.

4) It won?t always be perfect

Any long-term relationship goes through seasons, some of extreme happiness, some of stress, some of transition and sometimes even sad moments. This is why you have a life PARTNER to get through things with. Life isn?t perfect and neither is marriage.

5) You get out what you put in

Just like your career or any worthwhile venture, you have to invest in it if you want it to grow. A good marriage doesn?t just happen, it?s nurtured and built

6) Men have feelings too

Ladies, you?ll find out in a long-term relationship after we take off the tough guy mask and expose ourselves; we have feelings too. Those feelings don?t make us soft or emotional, they make us human. It?s when we stop having those feelings that you should be concerned.

7) People and circumstances will test your bond

Your family, friends, co-workers, job situations and many other things will test the strength of your bond. If you let everything outside of your marriage dictate how you feel inside of your marriage, it won?t survive. Everyone won?t always support you, and life won?t always make things easy.

8) Love isn?t enough

Building a family and relationship needs love as a part of a strong foundation, but many other factors must exist as well. Loving each other is important but it isn?t enough.

9) Marriage isn?t for everyone

Marriage takes a lot of selflessness, sacrifice and serving, and that?s not for everyone. It takes a different mindset to bring two people together and build a family and work on the dynamics of that new family unit. It?s not a task that everyone is up for?and that?s okay. If you understand this about yourself, don?t take a leap into the pool of marriage.

10) It?s worth it!

There are so many positive things to enjoy in a healthy marriage that make even the realities of these dirty secrets worth it. The love, the support and the partnerships that come out of a great marriage are simply amazing. Even when a chapter or two aren?t great, it?s still a wonderful novel.
Those are just a few realities about marriage that we must not be ashamed to talk about. If we want marriages to thrive, we have to be willing to meet some of these things head on and make them speed bumps in our lives of love and not roadblocks.



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