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Author Topic: 3 weirdest weight loss diets you should avoid  (Read 328 times)

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3 weirdest weight loss diets you should avoid
« on: March 28, 2016, 12:01:37 PM »

It?s human nature to want a quick fix. But sometimes we go too far. The following diets can lead to deficiencies, yo-yoing weight, disappointment and even death. DO NOT try them at home.

[redalert]The Werewolf Diet [/redalert]

This is one of the more bizarre diets out there. According to LiveStrong, the folks at Moon Connection posit that water weight ebbs and flows like tides. And since we?re basically made up of water, fasting when there?s a full moon will cleanse us of our water weight. You should not buy into this for two reasons: a) there is no long term benefit in losing water weight, and b) this is not based in any form of science whatsoever.

[bluealert]The Tapeworm Diet [/bluealert]

This diet involves voluntarily ingesting a tapeworm so that the parasite supposedly lives off the food in your stomach. It is not just gross, but also illegal and, may I add, criminally stupid. Tapeworms will not passively hang about in your stomach, waiting for leftovers. This parasite will consume the nutrients your body needs, and can go anywhere in your body, taking nourishment where it wants and leaving you feeling sick and in pain. They can even travel to your brain and kill you.

[greenalert]The Fruitarian Diet [/greenalert]

This diet only allows the follower to eat fruit. Only fruit. Not even vegetables. Thing is, humans are omnivores, so our bodies need more than fruit to stay healthy. All sorts of things like fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, protein, calcium, zinc, and so on are needed to function normally, but won?t be found in fruit. That is why people on this diet risk permanent fatigue, stomach ulcers, rotten teeth and deficiencies. Also, guess what is in fruit? Sugar, and lots of it. So you may even end up gaining weight.



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