Author Topic: United Kingdom to deport workers who earn less than 35K pounds  (Read 305 times)

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In a new set of immigration rules announced by the British government, non-European Union (EU) residents who earn less than 35,000 British pounds will be deported, reported The Guardian. The new rules will come into effect from April 6.
The regulation will be applicable to skilled workers who have lived in UK for less than 10 years, and earn less than the stipulated amount of 35,000 pounds. Certain jobs, such as nursing, are exempted from the regulation.
A petition to repeal the new regulations has been signed by 100,000 British citizens, and was also discussed in the parliament earlier this week, but the British government insists that the new regulations are fair and the people have had many years to prepare.

The petition has garnered support from SNP, Labour and Green members of Parliaments.
?In the past it has been too easy for some businesses to bring in workers from overseas rather than to take the long-term decision to train our workforce here at home,? an official said.
In an impact assessment, the Home Office estimated that the new salary threshold will cost the British economy between 181 million pounds and 171 million pounds. Other organizations have cited a much higher amount, 761 million pounds.

The British government has admitted that the new measures will have a ?modest? effect on reducing net immigration.