Author Topic: Late Michael Jackson father Joe Jackson's health is deteriorates,at death's door  (Read 266 times)

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Naijacrux just learned of a report that Joe Jackson's health is rapidly deteriorating. According to Radar Online, the father of the famous Jackson family is reportedly living out his last days under around-the-clock medical care.

The website claim that the 87-year-old Joe Jackson's health is now so bad that he has not been photographed in public for more than 100 days. Radar spoke with a close family friend who revealed that since Joe Jackson's massive stroke last summer he "seems to be at death's door and requires a team of home care nurses 24/7."

The Jackson family is said to be quite concerned about their father Joe Jackson's health these days and that Katherine is also spending her time with Joe overseeing his care. The same family source also revealed that the Jackson family have all made their peace with Joe since his stroke last year.

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