Author Topic: Windows 10 Nearly Overtakes Windows 7 on Valve Steam gaming platform  (Read 910 times)

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Windows 10 adoption continues to grow on Valve?s Steam gaming platform, and figures for the month of January show that the new operating system is very close to overtaking Windows 7.

Right now, Windows continues to be the preferred operating system on Steam, and it?s no surprise why, so it?s very clear that Linux is not yet an alternative despite the number of games that?s growing on the platform. Windows is powering 95.39 percent of computers running Steam while Mac OS X is the runner-up with 3.55 percent. Linux is third with 0.95 percent, down 0.01 percent.

Windows 7 64-bit is obviously the top choice with 34.31 percent, but it?s down 0.50 percent for the month of January while Windows 10 64-bit is not only the runner-up but it?s also up 1.52 percent.

Switch of places expected in the coming months

If the same trend is maintained, Windows 10 could overtake Windows 7 in approximately a couple of months, thus becoming the number one platform on Steam, mostly thanks to the improvements that it comes with, including DirectX 12.

The third platform in the charts is Windows 8.1 64-bit, but it?s far behind with just 14.03 percent while Windows 7 32-bit is next with 7.77 percent. What?s surprising, however, is that Windows XP 32-bit also improved last month by 0.14 percent to eventually reach 2.31 percent.

Certainly, there?s no better gaming platform than Windows on the desktop right now, and Windows 10 is quickly becoming the preferred choice for the majority of users, so these figures can only be good news for Microsoft and developers investing in this particular platform.

Worldwide, Windows 10 is currently the second most-used desktop operating system with a share of approximately 13 percent while Windows 7 continues to be leader with more than 45 percent. The gap is bigger when no gaming is involved, but that could change soon as well if enterprises complete their migration plans.


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