Author Topic: MTV Base named Nigerian indigenous rapper, Olamide, hottest Naija artiste 2015  (Read 175 times)

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Nigerian indigenous rapper, Olamide, has been named the ?MTV Base hottest Nigerian artist, 2015.

The artist, who had released several singles that topped the MTV Base Official, ?Naija Top Ten? for many weeks this year, beat the likes of his well-known colleagues on the panel that were equally rated high in the channel?s hottest artists in Nigeria for the year 2015.

The Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Viacom International, Alex Okosi, commenting on the reason behind the selection, said, ? Nigerian music has evolved from where it was ten years ago and with the aid of the panelists we have chosen, we hope that the Base Naija Hottest Artist 2015? will spark up the kind of conversations we need among music fans, thought leaders and critics in order to improve on the type of music we put out there and produce some of the best talents globally and not just Africa alone.?

Music tycoon, Olisa Adibua, who led the lineup panel, speaking after the session, gave his remarks. He said, ?It was a very robust discussion and debate because there are probably 15 or 20 Nigerian artistes who had a decent chance of making it onto the list this year, but there were only 10 slots.

?I?m happy that MTV Base has created this platform not just because it promotes Nigerian music which obviously is a good thing, but also because it fosters a spirit of healthy competition.

?I?m sure that a number of artists who were perhaps a bit unlucky not to make the list this year will work their socks off next year to make it onto the 2016 list, and that is good news for all of us whether we are involved in the music business or we just like good Nigerian music,? the music entrepreneur added.

The ?Shakitibobo? songster, who just dropped an album, ?Eyan Mayweather?, commented on the announcement, saying: ?It?s a great feeling to know that my work has made so much impact on Nigerians.

?I?m humbled by this announcement. Thank you MTV Base,? the newly acclaimed MTV Base hottest artiste quipped.